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Adaptive Algo
Price Improvement or Fast Fill?
Now You Can Have Both
Marketable orders generally result in a fast fill. Non-marketable orders may deliver a better price, but may take a long time to execute and may not even get filled. Enter the Adaptive Algo, the newest member of our growing IB Algo family. The Adaptive Algo aims to deliver the best of both worlds. By adapting to market conditions, it attempts to achieve the fastest fill at the best all-in price.
  • Most useful when the spread is wide, but could also be helpful when the spread is only one tick.
  • Works with any quantity. The adaptive order will automatically break large orders into smaller chunks to avoid overwhelming the market.
  • Easy to use. Just set the buy/sell action and order quantity, then select the algo from the order types list.
It can be used as an Adaptive Market or Adaptive Limit order depending on your objective.
  • Adaptive Market - Unlike a simple market order that hits the ask and fills (for a buy order), the Adaptive Market buy order dynamically selects and varies the price in an effort get a fill at best all-in price.
  • Adaptive Limit - Works similar to the Adaptive Market order, but uses the limit price as a cap. Like a simple limit, the Adaptive Limit will only fill at the specified limit price or better.
The user can tweak the behavior of the algorithm by setting the urgency from the drop-down selector. The available choices are: critical, urgent, normal (the default) and patient.

Like all of our IB Algos, you can set up an Adaptive order in both the Mosaic and the Classic TWS interfaces. You select an IB Algo just as you would other order types, using the Order Type drop down list.
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Watch a short video on Adaptive Algo.
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PortfolioAnalyst External Accounts
View All of Your Financial
Accounts in One Place
You already know PortfolioAnalyst as an easy-to-use online performance analysis and reporting tool. Now you can use PortfolioAnalyst to see the current performance of all of your financial accounts, including your investment, checking, savings, annuity, incentive plan and credit card accounts held at financial institutions outside of Interactive Brokers.

After a quick and seamless setup in PortfolioAnalyst, you'll be able to view summary values at a glance for each individual financial institution or consolidated across all financial institutions and different time periods, including current and prior balances, return percentage, and percent change in value. Drill down to view asset classes, positions and trades for each financial institution or consolidated across all financial institutions.
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Back Tested Portfolio Builder Strategies
Turn Research into Transactions
Portfolio Builder Strategies
Portfolio Builder allows you to create and invest in custom-designed strategies and then track their performance in your existing portfolio. To make it easier to get started, we now provide four predefined, editable templates. We've also significantly increased the number and types of criteria you can use to define the stocks in your strategies universe including market capitalization, analyst ratings, and dozens of fundamentals criteria.
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Bloomberg TV
Bloomberg TV and Traders' Insight
in your Mosaic News Panel
Our robust, real-time Mosaic news panel just got better. We now offer a Bloomberg TV feed that brings you live, streaming news from one of the world's most trusted sources for financial news and market information.

We've also added our own IB Traders' Insight as a news feed in the Mosaic News panel so that you can keep your finger on the market pulse without taking your eyes off your trading activity. Key contributors to IB's Traders' Insight include Barron's, BlackRock, Dow Jones, NASDAQ and many more.

To add these feeds and other streaming news feeds to the Mosaic, go to the News tile in the bottom left corner of the interface and click the icon to add a new tab. Select Bloomberg TV or Traders' Insight.
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Apple Watch
Apple Watch:
The Power of IB at a Glance
It's never been easier to check your IB account activity. Now configurable as an Apple Watch Glance, you can check key account metrics such as Net Liquidation, Orders and Trades, Excess Liquidity and your Current Positions with a glance at your wrist. Keep track of how many new IB FYI notifications have been sent to your account, and read your IB FYIs on the watch when you enable them as push notifications on your phone.
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New API Documentation
New Online API Documentation
Our new online API documentation hosted on GitHub is full of benefits for clients who want to use our API:
  • Source code examples in the documentation - Our examples function as reusable snippets that you can copy and paste directly into your IDE and have a customizable code block that accomplishes a specific function, for example creating a bracket order.
  • Reorganized by function - We've organized this new documentation by function category and then individual functions rather than by language, which makes it easier to navigate. Want to know about a specific order type? Go to the Orders section and then pick your language from the top navigation.
View the new API Guide
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Trader Workstation Key Enhancements
Trader Workstation Key Enhancements

Over the past several months we've significantly enhanced our platforms, TWS for Desktop, TWS for Mobile and the IB API.

Technical Indicator Scanners & Columns

Our powerful, real-time Market Scanners now include the first of several new sets of product-based and price-crossing EMAs. These data points (including divergence percentages) are also available as columns so that you can see these values for products in your Watchlists, portfolio and other tools.

To add an Advanced Market Scanner, use the Classic TWS interface and from the Analytical Tools menu select Advanced Market Scanner. Select the instrument, location, and filter. From the Parameter section scroll down to see new technical indicator parameters.

To use Mosaic Market Scanners, from the Mosaic Monitor panel click the Add Tab icon and select Mosaic Market Scanner. Define the Universe, and from the Fields and Filters section click Add Field and scroll down to the Technical Indicators section to add new fields.
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Mutual Fund Replicator
Mutual Fund/ETF Replicator: Find ETFs with Lower Management Fees

There are many ETFs out there that track the performance of a popular index or industry, but they don't all charge the same fees. Are your assets invested in the ETFs with the lowest fees? Use the Mutual Fund/ETF Replicator to find out. This tool now lets you enter ETFs as well as mutual funds, and will search for ETFs that have comparable performance and the lowest management fees. Now you can have the Replicator "Consider liquidity" during the search as well.

For example, enter an ETF like the PowerShares QQQ ETF into the Mutual Fund/ETF Replicator. If there are no comparable ETFs we will tell you. If there are, you can see how the comparable ETF, in this case the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF, shows parallel performance with 0.15% lower management fees (as of 5/19/2016 5:07 pm ET) and the compound ETF comprising the Vanguard S&P 500 and the Vanguard Growth ETFs has a fee difference of 0.12% (as of 5/19/2016 5:07 pm ET).
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IB FYIs: Trade-Related Notifications When and Where You Need Them

IB FYIs help keep you informed of upcoming events that could affect your investments. Our custom notifications are sent to you ahead of takeovers, earnings, options expirations and more. Now receive our IB FYIs on your mobile device through IB TWS for Mobile, and on your Apple Watch. Additionally, custom market, account and position alerts that you set up using the Mobile Trading Assistant will also be conveyed through our IB FYIs.
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IB TWS for mobile Enhancements
TWS for Mobile Enhancements

Significant updates to our IB TWS for Mobile platform make it easier than ever to manage your IB account on the go.

  • Redesigned to keep up with the times, IB TWS mobile applications now sport a modern new look designed to provide maximum usability to traders on the go.
  • No need to leave TWS for Mobile when you want to chart - we've added more than 60 new chart studies to our mobile trading platform.
  • Easily roll expiring futures contracts or trade futures spreads from your mobile device. The contract matrix makes it easy to specify the expiration dates. Access this feature from the Quote Details page using the "Spread" button, and from the contract selector when adding a futures contract to your Watchlist.
  • View real-time portfolio performance with the new Daily P&L display.
  • Configure your portfolio to display complex multi-leg positions and to track and close multi-leg positions as a unit in your portfolio.
  • Use Market Scanners on TWS for Mobile. Discover opportunity wherever you are! Set up, configure and customize your market scanners using TWS for Desktop, then view scanners on your mobile device when you sync your devices through the cloud.
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IB API Enhancements
In addition to our new API documentation, we've added some exciting enhancements:
  • API support for several new order types including:
  • Support for Model Portfolios - Positions and account updates can now be requested for a given account or model via reqPositionsMulti and reqAccountUpdatesMulti methods, and in the EWrapper Interface, information is delivered using the new positionMulti/positionMultiEnd and accountUpdateMulti/accountUpdateMultiEnd callbacks.
  • Use Native Index Prices - API users running TWS/IB Gateway 950 or above can now elect to show native index prices when available. Currently the calculated index price is used by default. To change the preference to show native prices in the IB Gateway, in Configuration on the API Settings page, select Prefer Native Index Prices to show the exchange-native index price whenever it's available.
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New Research Providers
Our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary slate of independent research continues to grow with the addition of these new providers:
Alta Vista
ASbury Research
Street Insider
MarketEdge P&F Alerts
Market Realist
MT Newswires Global
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Low cost, breadth of product and technology innovation consistently drive our progress at IB, and we continue to be recognized for the unique advantages we provide to our customers.
Barron's Award
Rated Top Online Broker for the Sixth Consecutive Year by Barron's 2016.
WSL Award
Winner 2016 "Best Options Trading Platform - Broker"
Winner 2016 "Best Broker-Dealer Futures"
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