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Beta Weighting in IB Risk Navigator
In addition to measuring delta-weighted portfolio positions, the IB Risk NavigatorSM now measures beta-weighted performance. This new feature allows traders to consider risk by measuring the correlation of individual components with a market index (the S&P 500 by default) in order to estimate likely gains or losses in the event of a given move in the market.
Beta Weighting in Risk NavigatorOrders
  1. Specifies how color-coded curves are calculated, either based on previous close
    (p-close) or based on the closing price from a specific date.
  2. The beta-weighted P&L for your (what-if) portfolio using the previous day's closing prices.
  3. The beta-weighted P&L for your portfolio for a custom date scenario. Add or change the date scenario using the right-click menu selections.
  4. The beta-weighted P&L for your portfolio assuming a relative change in volatility of +15 percent.
  5. The beta-weighted P&L for your portfolio assuming a relative change in volatility of -15 percent.
  6. The beta-weighted P&L for your portfolio assuming a time reduction of one day.
  7. The confidence interval that illustrates the worst-case loss over a one-day period, in this case with a 99.5% confidence level.
Coming Soon: Watch for the Portfolio Performance Profile feature, which will let you put the Mosaic portfolio page into "what-if" mode to see how changes to your portfolio will affect key portfolio metrics.
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Accelerated T+2 Stock Settlement
Clients who write covered calls will be able to purchase shares to satisfy their delivery obligations, rather than using existing shares and incurring a higher tax liability. To flag a stock purchase for T+2 settlement in TWS, select "TPLUS2" as the order destination before submitting the order.

This feature will be automatically enabled Monday 10/13/2014 for US Professional Advisors. It will be available to all customers effective Monday 10/20/2014, but must be enabled as a trading permission via Account Management.
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Trader Workstation Key Enhancements
More Studies Added to Charts
Over the past year we've added more than 40 new chart indicators to our interactive charts, and we're not done yet. Recent additions include such classic favorites as the Awesome Oscillator, Accelerator Oscillator, Donchian Channels and Detrended Price Oscillator. Keep watching for more studies to be added over the next several releases.

In addition, charts for complex combination orders have been improved to load more quickly.
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Optimized Options Smart Routing
Use our optimized smart routing for non-marketable option orders to find the sweet spot between maximizing the probability of execution and minimizing venue fees. Elect to:
  • Maximize Rebate: Route my order to the venue offering the highest rebate.
  • Prefer Rebate: Route my order with a bias toward receiving a rebate versus getting it filled.
  • Balance between getting a rebate and filling the order.
  • Prefer Fill Rate: Route my order with a bias toward getting it filled versus receiving a rebate.
  • Maximize Fill Rate: Route the order with the sole objective of getting a fill and increasing my overall fill rate.
Set the default routing in Global Configuration, select a routing strategy on a per-order basis from the destination drop down.
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Mosaic Market Statistics Scanner
The Market Statistics scanner shows:
  • Advancing, declining and unchanged issues
  • Up, down, unchanged and total volume
  • TICK and TRIN indicators
View Market Statistics from the Mosaic Monitor panel.
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Contract Grouping in Portfolio
We now allow you to sort contracts in your portfolio by security type, expiry, industry or underlying. To control grouping, click the down arrow in the Portfolio field, (which displays the current grouping method) and select the new grouping criteria.
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Don't Leave Money Behind
Millions of dollars are regularly left behind by option buyers who neglect to exercise and collect dividends prior to ex-dividend date. Our enhanced Option Exercise window includes an "Optimal Action" field that tells you if the value of any long US options positions would be maximized by exercising prior to a dividend. You will also receive an IB FYI notification via email two days before the stock trades ex-dividend.

Coming Soon: Watch for the release of the new user-activated IB FYI that will automatically exercise options when it may be economically advantageous to exercise a call option in advance of an ex-dividend date to collect a dividend.
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Going Mobile
Going Mobile
You already know that IB's mobileTWS makes it easy to trade on-the-go from any of the major mobile devices. But did you know that we also offer an HTML-based version of Account Management – no app required – that lets you keep on top of your account activity? And that we offer an API that can be used by third parties to develop mobile apps that trade through IB? Keep reading to find out more.

mobileTWS - We have added support for a slew of order types in the iOS and Android devices. These include: Market on Close, Limit on Close, Market if Touched, Limit if Touched, Market with Protection and Stop with Protection, plus Market on Open and Limit on Open in conjunction with support of the "At the Open" time in force.
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mobileAM (Mobile Account Management) – Log in through your mobile device to view your account and position summaries and 30-day transaction history, access activity statements, and request deposits, withdrawals or position transfers.
Go to mobileAM
Mobile API - We are currently beta-testing software that will allow third parties to develop mobile applications which access/trade IB accounts. If you use our third-party offerings and want more information, or are a developer and are interested in participating in the beta program, please email us at:
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TWS Option Labs TWS Option Labs
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Explore our myriad offerings of webinars, product courses and self-paced interactive tours.
Advisor Client Fee Enhancement
Advisors who use Automatic Billing now have the choice to bill fees to their client accounts on a daily, monthly or annual basis. To set up advisor client fees, log into Account Management and go to the Manage Clients > Fee > Configure page.
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Lower Commissions
Flat rate per-contract commissions for IBEX mini futures have been significantly reduced from 1.25 EUR to 0.90 EUR.
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2015 Trading Calendar
2015 International Traders'
Holiday and Expiration Date Calendar
Our annual calendar displays exchange holidays and contract expiration dates for the major exchanges and products around the world. View the HTML Calendar App on your mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop device.
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