Statements and Reports - Release Notes 2019

July 2019

Week Ending July 26, 2019

Unique IDs Now Available in Flex

The Corporate Actions, Securities Borrowed/Lent Fee Details, and Statement of Funds sections in Flex now contain unique IDs.

Week Ending July 11, 2019

New Field Available in Financial Instrument Flex

The Financial Instrument Flex section now contains the Currency field.

June 2019

Week Ending June 28, 2019

Closed Positions Now Available in Complex Position Summary Report

The Complex Position Summary Report now shows both open and closed complex positions for the statement period.

New Updates to the Activity Flex Report

The Activity Flex Report now includes a new Date/Time field, the TradeDate field now matches that of the Trade Confirmation Flex report and newly created flex queries will no longer include the TradeTime field.

May 2019

Week Ending May 31, 2019

Turnover now available in the Risk Measures report

Turnover is a measure of how much of an account's portfolio has been replaced in a given period.

For more information, see the PortfolioAnalyst White Paper.

New RFQID attribute in the Activity Flex Report

The RFQID attribute is now included in the Unbooked Trades section of the Activity Flex Report.

Week Ending May 17, 2019

New risk measures available in the Risk Measures report

The Risk Measures report now calculates alpha, beta, information ratio and tracking error.

For more information, see the PortfolioAnalyst White Paper.

March 2019

Week Ending March 22, 2019

New Portfolio Checkup Interest Comparison

Depending on your account configuration, we provide one of the following calculations:

  • Additional earnings on paid interest
  • Savings on interest charged
  • Net interest benefit

These calculations are based on all of your external accounts.

PortfolioAnalyst by IBKR

Week Ending March 1, 2019

New Portfolio Checkup Tool for PortfolioAnalyst

IBKR clients can now quickly view the health of their whole portfolio and get a deep dive analysis with the following features:

  • Return
  • Risk Measures
  • Geographic Distribution
  • Asset Class Distribution
  • Sector Distribution

PortfolioAnalyst by IBKR

February 2019

Week Ending February 1, 2019

New Allocation by Asset Report in PortfolioAnalyst

New sector categories have been added to our consolidation, tracking and analysis tool to include: Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income, Liabilities, Real Estate, Cash and Other Assets.

PortfolioAnalyst by IBKR