Statements and Reports - Release Notes 2017

PortfolioAnalyst Release Notes

December 2017

Week Ending December 22, 2017

New Supplemental Days to Long Term Report

This report is designed to show you your open short term lot positions and tell you when they will become long term.

To access this report, go to Reports > Other Reports and select Days to Long Term in the dropdown menu.

For more information, see the Account Management Users' Guide.

Default Statements Now Hide Lot Details

To improve technical performance, default statemnets hide lot details. To see full lot details, use custom reporting in Account Management.

Week Ending December 8, 2017

Reporting Integration Tool 1.97 Enhancements
  • New fields added for Insured Banking Deposits
  • New fields added for the asset class of underlying symbol in security files
  • Improved handling of IB-UKL
  • accounts

Week Ending December 1, 2017

Dividends Added to SPX Attribution Report in PortfolioAnalyst

To ensure consistent data, dividends are added to the return calculation in the SPX Attribution Report for PortfolioAnalyst.

November 2017

Week Ending November 10, 2017

Money Weighted Return (MWR) calculation adjusted for PortfolioAnalyst

The MWR calculations now use a mixed weighting of beginning of day for opening cash flows and end of day for closing cash flows at Symbol and Asset level.

For more information, see the PortfolioAnalyst White Paper.

Configure Financial Models for Activity Flex Statements in Responsive Account Management

Clients who have models created and saved to their trading platform can now select them when creating a new Flex Statement.

Activity Flex Query Batch Reporting Available in Responsive Account Management

Requests for Flex Queries with a substantial amount of activity are moved to batch processing.

For more information, see the Account Management Users' Guide.

October 2017

Week Ending October 6, 2017

Toggle Time Weighted Return (TWR) and Money Weighted Return (MWR) in Responsive PortfolioAnalyst

You can now switch between TMW and MWR performance measures when viewing your brokerage account return.

Long/Short Column Added in Responsive PortfolioAnalyst

You can now see a breakout of your long and short positions in your brokerage when viewing account performance.

For more information, see the PortfolioAnalyst Users' Guide.

August 2017

Week Ending August 11, 2017

Net Asset Value (NAV) Time Series Section is No Longer Available

The Net Asset Value (NAV) Time Series section is no longer available in any Activity Statement or Activity Flex Query.

July 2017

Week Ending July 28, 2017

Broker Exception Reports Are No Longer Available

Recent additions and improvements to the Client Summary Report have made the Broker Exception Report redundant. We have therefore removed the Broker Exception Report from Account Management. Brokers who used this report are encouraged to use the Client Summary Report instead.

June 2017

Week Ending June 21, 2017

Client Summary Report Updates

We've updated the Client Summary report to be more relevant to Advisors and Brokers:

  • These fields were added: Account Alias, Net Asset Value. Percent Change, Cash, Deposits/Withdrawals, Total Commissions Earned, and # Trades
  • These fields were removed or changed: Total Commissions Paid, Equity with Loan Value, Net Liquidation Value, Trade Cash Value, Settled Cash Value, Initial margin, and Available Funds
Flex Query Updates

We've updated Flex Queries with the following changes:

  • Report Date was added to the Change in Dividend Accruals section.
  • Transaction ID was added to the Transfers section.

Week Ending June 9, 2017

Activity Flex Query Updates

In Activity Flex Queries, you can now select the following Levels of Detail in the Statement of Funds section:

  • Base Currency
  • Currency Breakout
  • Include Starting Ending Balance

May 2017

Week Ending May 19, 2017

Advisor Fee Invoice Report

Advisors can now view a report showing invoices for client fees for any date. To access fee invoice reports, go to Reports > Supplemental > Fee Invoice, and then select an account and a date and then click View.

April 2017

Week Ending April 28, 2017

Activity Flex Query Updates

We have updated Activity Flex Queries with the following new subcategories in the Financial Instrument Information section:

  • SubCategory (stocks only) - This is the specific type of stock/share. For example: common, ADR, REIT.
  • Underlying - This is the underlying asset for options, futures and FOP contracts.
  • Listing exchange (stocks only) - The exchange on which the stock is listed. For example: NYSE.

For more information, see the Reporting Reference Guide.

Commodities Regulatory Margin Report Updates

We have updated the Commodities Regulatory Margin Report with the following changes:

  • We added a new Margin Call section which includes fields for Data, Call Age and Open Amount for both foreign and domestic.
  • In the Margin Summary section, we changes Available Funds to Available funds for withdrawal.

March 2017

Week Ending March 3, 2017

Activity Statement Updates

We have updated the following sections for Activity Statements dated after February 28, 2017:

  • IB Managed Securities Lent - The Net Fee Rate (%) column was renamed to Interest Rate on Customer Collateral (%).
  • IB Managed Securities Lent Activity - The Net Fee Rate (%) column was renamed to Interest Rate on Customer Collateral (%).
  • IB Managed Securities Lent Interest Details - This section was renamed to IB Managed Securities Lent Interest Details. The Market Fee Rate (%), Gross Lend Fee Paid to IB, Net Lend Fee Rate (%) Paid to Customer and Net Lend Fee Paid to Customer columns were renamed to Interest by IB (%), Interest Paid to IB, Interest Rate (%) on Customer Collateral, and Interest Paid to Customer, respectively.

For more information, see the Reporting Reference Guide.

January 2017

Week Ending January 6, 2017

Support for 871(m) Withholding Added to Statements

We've added initial support for 871(m) withholding to our Activity Statements, including HTML-, PDF- and CSV-formatted statements and Activity Flex Queries. The changes include:

  • New 871(m) Witholding line item in the Cash Report and Change in NAV sections and corresponding field additions to Activity Flex Queries.
  • New section: 871(m) Withholding (similar to the existing Withholding Tax section). Details are included in the Activity Flex Query Cash Transactions section.
  • Accruals for 871(m) withholding will now be included with dividend accruals.