Si es un cliente institucional haga clic a continuación para obtener más información sobre nuestros servicios para asesores, fondos de cobertura, administradores de cumplimiento normativo y otros perfiles institucionales.

IBKR Orientation Webinar Notes


Use this button on the home page for context specific information, such as:

  • Money Managers will see information specific to their needs, click technology and see innovative solutions. Drill down to learn more.
  • Advisors will see quick access to the RIA Compliance Center, Automated Client Billing and Management etc.
  • Hedge Funds can find information on Prime Broker Services.

Cómo elegir y configurar su cuenta

All Interactive Brokers accounts are easily configurable to meet the needs of traders, investors and institutions. La configuración inicial se establece durante la solicitud de cuenta, pero puede modificar estos ajustes en cualquier momento en Gestión de Cuenta una vez la cuenta esté abierta.

  • Account Structures – client account structures, designed to meet the specific needs of traders and investors and institutions.
  • Configuring your account – start by choosing region then country to view the available customer types.
  • Trading Permissions and Market Data - Trading permissions are required in order to provide you with all the proper regulatory disclosures and the ability to trade.
  • Trading Requirements – provides a table of requirements you must meet to trade the products available.
  • Required Minimums and Account Activity Fee



  • Fixed Rate – per share or a set percentage of trade value – includes exchange fees.
  • Tiered Plans – Volume tiers are applied based on monthly cumulative trade volume. Exchange, clearing and regulatory fees are separate.
  • Interés y Financiación
  • Get Real-time Access to Comprehensive Research, News and Market Data

Obtener Datos de Mercado en tiempo real

We provide real-time streaming market data for the prices listed in the sections on this page. For traders who generate at least USD 30 in commissions per month, IB will waive market data charges for US stocks, US futures and US bonds, as well as OTC Markets, Dow Jones Indices and CBOE Market Data Express Indices.

  • Market data monthly subscription charges will not be pro-rated. If market data is active any day in the calendar month you will be charged at the full month rate.

Consolidated Quote: For clients who trade US equities and do not need the precise bid, offer and size every moment of the trading day IB provides a Snapshot subscription for clients who wish to see a single quote at a particular moment and not have their quotes update on a streaming basis. These requests are called snapshots. Snapshots are typically utilized by traders who wish to keep costs as low as possible and want to know the NBBO (National Best Bid and Offer) for a specific moment to make their trading decisions. In general, pricing for snapshot quotes are 0.01 USD or 0.01 EUR depending on the exchange location.

Subscription considerations for U.S. market data (Non-Professionals)

Investigación, Novedades

Platform includes several news and research services that are available free of charge. These services are also open to all demo users. Additional Institutional-caliber Research can be added by subscription. These providers have been integrated into TWS and offer a one-time, 30-day free trial period. Click the logo for more information or to view a sample report.

  • Distinguish the potential influence of a story with the positive and negative sentiment ranking.
  • Use settings to filter the headline sources and categories you use to evaluate your trading strategy.
  • Haga clic en un logotipo para saber más sobre un proveedor de investigación y ver una muestra de informe.

Actividad mensual

Our accounts are designed for active traders and investors who regularly meet our required minimums. If you do not meet those minimums, we charge a monthly activity fee, based on commissions only. Generally, we waive this activity fee for any month in which:

  • Tiene más de 100,000 USD en liquidez o
  • You generate more than 10 USD in commissions and fees


Product Listings are provided for all trading instruments, organized by asset class and global region.

Requisitos de margen

Margin Requirements are based on your country of legal residence and which products are available for the countries you want to trade. Use the Margin Wizard and drill down for additional information.

IBKR Asset Management

IBKR Asset Management – the future of investing! With IB Asset Management, you get the low costs and convenience of online investing, human help, and a broad selection of Smart Beta with actively managed portfolios. Also accessible via the Client Portal.


Interactive Brokers' Technology and advanced trading help our clients compete on price, speed and size across global markets.

Plataformas de Negociación

With our powerful suite of trading platforms, discover which platform is the right one for you. Scroll to view a comparison of each platform according the products supported, trading features and analysis tools to help you choose.

  • Download TWS Latest to access to our flagship desktop trading platform with the most up-to-date cutting-edge trading technology.
  • Access and trade your account on the go with mobile apps for your smart phones and tablets.
  • WebTrader provides a simpler interface and access your account from behind a firewall.

Client Portal

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Client Portal is perfect for clients who do not need all the features of TWS. Also helpful for financial advisor clients who want a clear, understandable, real-time view of their accounts. You can place a trade, view your portfolio or access Account Management with a single click.

  • View key account metrics and check your portfolio performance at a glance.
  • See Portfolio Allocation by Asset Class, Sector or Industry.
  • Current Portfolio headlines keep you current on what could be affecting your positions.
  • Use "Ask IBot" at the bottom of the home page then type your query in English.
  • Use the 3 bars in the upper left for quick click access to other popular tools and account features.
  • Supported on all your mobile devices.

Algoritmos y tipos de órdenes

60 different order types and algos are available for your trades! Use this page for the various order types available by instrument type to help you limit risk, speed execution, provide price improvement, allow privacy, time the market and simplify the trading process through advanced trading functions. Each page includes a link to the user guide for step by step instructions.

IB SmartRoutingSM Advantage - Delivering Best Price Execution

This technology searches for the best firm stock, option, and combination prices available at the time of your order, and seeks to immediately execute your order electronically.

Feature Explorer

Use the Feature Explorer to quickly find brief descriptions and useful links to IB's most interesting features. Access the Feature Explorer from the home page menus on IB's website.

Menú Formación

Centro de Aprendizaje

Interactive Brokers' Traders' Academy for investors, educators, and students seeking a better understanding the asset classes, markets, currencies, tools and functionality available on IB's platform. These complimentary courses consist of lessons, videos, quizzes, and notes to help TWS users improve their understanding of its tools and capabilities.

Seminarios Web

IB offers an extensive program of free trader webinars you can join right from your desk. Interact with instructors and industry experts who describe our technology, trading, and markets around the world. Webinars are recorded so if you can't attend a live webinar, you can easily access for on-demand viewing.


  • Guías cómo empezar
  • Guías de usuario
  • Notas de versión
  • Funding Reference and Reporting Guides

Funciones destacadas

Provides more in-depth descriptions and instructions for some of our most popular features.

Gestión de Cuenta

Cómo empezar

Conéctese a Gestión de Cuenta
Página de inicio de Gestión de Cuenta

Net Asset Value panel shows you the total current value of your account, and the current value of each asset class in your account in pie charts and a table.


View an Activity Statement

Generate daily, monthly, yearly Activity Statements for a custom date range for up to the 5 previous years.

Find and Print Tax Forms

View and download annual tax forms for the last five years.


PortfolioAnalyst allows you to evaluate the performance of your IB portfolio by creating and saving reports and comparing data to selected industry benchmarks. For details, see the Portfolio Analyst section of the Account Management.

  • PortfolioAnalyst lets you view your financial performance across the industry in a single view, including external accounts (not held at IB) such as investment, checking, savings, annuity, incentive plan and credit card accounts.
  • Run detailed, presentation-ready reports that analyze different aspects of your IB account portfolio's performance.

Financiación – Transferir y pagar

  • Funding Reference
    Use the Funding Reference guide for step by step instructions on making deposits & withdrawals, with time to arrive and known limitations of each funding type.
  • Position Transfer
    To request an inbound (or outbound) transfer of positions, use the Position Transfers page. Position transfers allow us to efficiently identify your incoming positions for proper credit to your account. Inbound Transfer Requests are instructions you provide to us to contact your bank or broker to move funds or assets to your IB account.

Gestionar Cuenta

Activar su dispositivo de seguridad

  • As soon as your account is funded, the Secure Login System sends you free of charge an IB security device, the size of a small credit card with a list of random codes to be used in conjunction with your username and password to access secure areas. There are four different types of security devices available for different ranges of account balances. After receiving the security device, you must activate it.
  • Accounts that do not participate in the Secure Login System are limited in the amount of money that can be withdrawn or transferred in one day and in any five-day period.

Suscribir a datos de mercado

IB provides real-time streaming market data for the prices listed on the sections below. You can also receive free delayed market data, where available, for certain financial products if you do not subscribe to those markets.

Además, para los clientes que no necesitan cotizaciones en tiempo real para acciones cotizadas estadounidenses, usted puede elegir una opción en la que pagará 0.01 USD por solicitud de cotización. Con este servicio, también recibirá futuros estadounidenses (si usted es no profesional y tiene permisos de negociación en futuros estadounidenses ) y bonos estadounidenses, así como mercados ITC, índices Dow Jones e índices CBOE Market Data Express. Refer to the North America > United States market data fees table for details.

Subscribe to News and Research

Receive a free, one-time 30-day trial on many of our news and research products. The free trial will terminate once the 30-day period is over, but you can continue to receive the news or research by re-activating the paid subscription within Account Management.

Apply for a Paper Trading Account

Available at no additional cost, a Paper account lets you use the full range of trading features in a simulated environment where you can learn trading features without risking your capital. Trades will not be presented for clearing but you will be able to follow the trades "as-if" you were trading live. We mirror the same trading permissions and market data subscriptions from your live trading account. If you don't already have a paper account – request one today!

Modify Your Trading Permissions

Trading permissions are organized by product and then by country and selected in the account application or can be upgraded at any time through Account Management. Different products require different combinations of income, objectives and experience requirements. For detailed information about these requirements, see the Trading Requirements page.

Change Your Personal Information
Change Your Password
Cambiar su dirección de cibercorreo


Centro de Mensajes

This secure web-form system is ideally suited for non-urgent issues. Submit questions directly to Client Services using inquiry tickets and track the status of your requests. Inquiries will be routed to the specialist or team best equipped to handle your request. You can add screenshots & other attachments and view follow-ups to your queries.

IB-Chat (en directo)

IB's interactive chat service, accessible to clients from Account Management. Ya que el chat es autentificado y usa comunicación segura, el personal de IB tiene la capacidad de proporcionarle información específica de su cuenta de manera segura. IB-Chat is recommended for Funding/Banking and Account Application inquiries.