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Smart Features for Sophisticated Investors

PortfolioAnalyst’s features help you develop an integrated investment and financial management plan.

PortfolioAnalyst Dashboard

View the performance of linked brokerage, checking, savings, incentive plan or credit card accounts in a single view and use widgets to create a view tailored to your specific needs.

Professional Content
and Rich Reporting

PortfolioAnalyst includes robust reporting with an extensive library of default reports, such as portfolio holdings, allocation, performance, activity and other metrics to help you analyze your portfolio. Access up to 35 performance and measurement factors, including time period performance statistics, risk measures, performance attribution vs. benchmark, projected income and more.

Tailor reports for each client with little effort, creating custom benchmarks, synopses, aliases and cover pages. Own the client experience simply by uploading your logo, which quickly appears on the PortfolioAnalyst portal, client reports, emails, updates and disclosures.

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Tablet showing a detailed report of a PortfolioAnalyst Account
Portfolio Analyst Retirement Planner

Planning Tools

PortfolioAnalyst transforms portfolio data into powerful analytics to help you stay on track. Planning tools such as Allocation Goals allows users to track a portfolios allocations and the Retirement Planner helps you chart your path to financial independence.

Allocation Goals

Create allocation goals and track performance against goals to help ensure you are on track to achieving your investment objectives. View your current vs. target asset and sub-asset class allocations for seamless portfolio rebalancing. Once configured, you can run the Allocation Goals report to identify over and underweighted asset and sub-asset classes vs. the configured goal.

Retirement Planner

Better understanding your retirement outlook by creating a plan that considers your personal retirement preferences, current and future employment expectations, any potential additional monthly retirement income sources, your current monthly expenses, and general market performance assumptions.

Consolidate, Track, and Organize

Consolidate, track and analyze your complete financial picture by using PortfolioAnalyst to link your brokerage, checking, savings, credit cards, annuities, incentive plans, mortgages, student loans and more into a single view.

Understand your current financial state, plan for the future, better understand risks vs. returns and analyze your financial picture with powerful analytics and reporting features.

Consolidated Reporting

Better understand the performance of a single account, group of related accounts or all accounts by running a consolidated report to analyze portfolios and share the consolidated report with a client.

PortfolioAnalyst helps your clients understand what makes you different. Our presentation-ready reports put focused data at your fingertips and are designed to help you shape discussions around each client's interests. When applicable, PortfolioAnalyst simplifies the process of demonstrating your bespoke portfolios outperform benchmark returns year-over-year.

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Detailed Activity Tracking

See a detailed break down of your deposits and withdrawals, interest, fees, dividends and corporate actions, along with a daily trade summary for each included account or view an accounts Key Statistics to determine the cause of any net asset value (NAV) fluctuations.

Custom Benchmarking

PortfolioAnalyst lets you create custom benchmarks to measure your portfolio’s performance. Select from more than 300 standard industry benchmarks and apply your own custom weighting to create a custom benchmark.


White brand statements, client registration and other informational materials with your own organization’s identity, including performance reports created by PortfolioAnalyst.

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External Accounts

Understand your complete financial picture by using PortfolioAnalyst to link your brokerage, checking, savings, credit cards, annuities, incentive plans, mortgages, student loans and more into a single view.

View your complete financial picture, plan for the future, better understand risks vs. returns and analyze your entire portfolio with powerful analytics and reporting features.

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Safeguarding Confidential
Client Data

As a leading online broker, Interactive Brokers understands and values the trust our clients place in us to safeguard confidential client data. We use trusted, industry standard security measures when linking your account with PortfolioAnalyst, and maintain strict operational guidelines regarding access to your data:

  • Usernames and passwords are encrypted with Triple Data Encryption Standards (3DES) and nCipher hardware encryption. Data in transit is encrypted using TLS1.2 protocol.
  • IBKR will never sell or trade your personal information with outside marketing firms.
  • Employee access to the personal, non-public information you share with us is restricted, and employees are prohibited from using or disclosing this information.
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