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Application for Individual, Joint, Trust, UGMA/UTMA and Retirement Accounts

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What You Need

Select the market in which you want to trade stocks.

Start Application

Complete a Started Application
Choosing and Configuring Your Account
Retirement Account Information

After you are approved, it is easy to add products,
markets and news and information services later.

Complete a FastTrack Application if:

  • You want to start with trading stocks only; and
  • You want to trade in a single country with a single currency; and
  • You want a cash or Reg T Margin account but not a Portfolio Margin account; and
  • You are not a "Professional" for purposes of market data subscriptions; and
  • You do not want to immediately subscribe to news and information services; and
  • You do not require Non-Resident Indian status.

Complete a ProTrack Application if:

  • You want to start with trading multiple products in addition to stocks; or
  • You want to trade in multiple countries and multiple currencies; or
  • You want to choose among the multiple commission plans offered by IB; or
  • You want a Portfolio Margin account.

Minimum Requirements to Open an Account

  • A minimum equity deposit in cash or stock of USD 10,000 (or USD equivalent) or USD 5,000 for Retirement Account (or USD equivalent).
  • Prior execution of 100 or more trades (any product).
  • Good or extensive product knowledge for any product you wish to trade.