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Account Management Release Notes - February 2014

Week Ending February 28, 2014

The enhancements and modifications below are available as of February 27, 2014.

Security Officer Updates

Beginning with this release, customers can now create Security Officers in Account Management as follows:.

Previously, the only way to add a Security Officer from within Account Management was to download a special request form. The form is still available but has been moved to the Support > Paper Forms page.

Traders' Marketplace

Beginning with this release, we've added a new menu to the main menu: Traders' Marketplace. This menu lets customers access the following pages to connect to other IB customers:

Only the marketplaces and Hedge Fund Capital Introduction Program functions have moved to this new menu. The administrative and configuration functions associated with Money Managers and Administrators remain in the Manage Account menu.

Additional Enhancements

The following enhancements have been added to Account Management in this release:

Week Ending February 14, 2014

The enhancements and modifications below are available as of February 13, 2014.

Position Eligibility Check for Full ACATS and ATON Transfers

Beginning with this release, when you want to request a full ACATS or full ATON position transfer, you can perform a position eligibility check to verify that the positions you want to transfer are eligible for your selected transfer method.

There are two ways to check position eligibility:

Upon submitting the positions for the eligibility check, a summary of their transfer eligibility is displayed. If all of the positions are eligible for the transfer, you can submit the actual position transfer request. You can also export the eligibility summary to a .CSV file, which you can then use to submit a partial position transfer.

Upload a .CSV File for a Partial Position Transfer

Beginning with this release, you can now prepare and upload a .CSV (comma-separated values) file for a partial position transfer request using the following position transfer methods:

For information about the how to upload a .CSV file for a partial position transfer, see the Account Management Users' Guide.

For information about the rules governing the use of a .CSV file for partial position transfers, see the Account Management Users' Guide.

EMIR and LEI Information

Beginning with this release, customers who are subject to the European Union's EMIR regulation can now change their EMIR election in Account Management.

European Markets and Infrastructure Regulations (EMIR) is a European Union regulation designed to make the derivatives markets more transparent by requiring counterparties to derivatives transactions to report trades, positions, collateral and valuations to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the European regulatory body. All counterparties with reporting obligations under EMIR must have a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) in order to report.

If you are subject to this regulation, you will be prompted or will have already been prompted to make an EMIR election upon logging into Account Management. Your original EMIR elections let you can provide IB with a previously obtained LEI, ask IB to obtain an LEI for you, ask IB to obtain an LEI and perform delegated EMIR reporting for you, or do nothing. For more information about EMIR elections, see the Account Management Users' Guide.

The new EMIR and LEI Information page allows customers who have already made an EMIR election to change their election as follows:

In Account Management, click Manage Account > Account Information > EMIR and LEI Information.

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