PortfolioAnalyst - Release Notes 2019

PortfolioAnalyst Release Notes

November 2019

Week Ending November 29, 2019

ETF as a new Financial Instrument

Now classifying ETFs as a Financial Instrument type. ETFs were previously grouped with stocks.

October 2019

Week Ending October 18, 2019

Fund Parser Available in Custom Reports

Parse the components of ETFs or mutual funds within your portfolio in the following reports: Account Overview, Allocation by Asset Class, Allocation by Financial Instrument, Allocation by Sector, and Allocation by Region.

September 2019

Week Ending September 20, 2019

Updated Layout for PortfolioAnalyst

The layout for PortfolioAnalyst now contains a tab structure. The tabs--Home, Reports, Portfolio Checkup, Fund Parser, External Accounts, and Education Center--are located at the top of the PortfolioAnalyst screen.

New Performance by Asset Class Report

The Asset Class Report displays the cumulative contribution to return by the period selected for each asset class present in your portfolio. Both TWR and MWR performance measures are available.

New Batch Reports

New Batch Reports functionality was added for reports that require a long processing time. These reports will be generated via batch processing similar to the process of activity statements.

August 2019

Week Ending August 9, 2019

View All Holdings

You now have the option to view the top ten holdings or all holdings in the Fund Parser. If you choose View All Holdings, a list of all fund components is displayed by weight in descending order.

June 2019

Week Ending June 28, 2019

Fund Parser

The new Fund Parser allows you to identify and examine the composition of ETFs and Mutual Funds. This includes the Top 10 Holdings, Region Allocation, Country Allocation, and Sector Allocation.

May 2019

Week Ending May 31, 2019

Turnover now available in the Risk Measures report

Turnover is a measure of how much of an account's portfolio has been replaced in a given period.

For more information, see the PortfolioAnalyst White Paper.

New RFQID attribute in the Activity Flex Report

The RFQID attribute is now included in the Unbooked Trades section of the Activity Flex Report.

Week Ending May 17, 2019

New risk measures available in the Risk Measures report

The Risk Measures report now contains the following benchmarks: alpha, beta, information ratio and tracking error.

For more information, see the PortfolioAnalyst White Paper.

March 2019

Week Ending March 22, 2019

New Portfolio Checkup Interest Comparison

Depending on your account configuration, we provide one of the following calculations:

  • Additional earnings on paid interest
  • Savings on interest charged
  • Net interest benefit

These calculations are based on all of your external accounts.

PortfolioAnalyst by IBKR

Week Ending March 1, 2019

New Portfolio Checkup Tool for PortfolioAnalyst

IBKR clients can now quickly view the health of their whole portfolio and get a deep dive analysis with the following features:

  • Return
  • Risk Measures
  • Geographic Distribution
  • Asset Class Distribution
  • Sector Distribution

PortfolioAnalyst by IBKR

February 2019

Week Ending February 1, 2019

New Allocation by Asset Report in PortfolioAnalyst

New sector categories have been added to our consolidation, tracking and analysis tool to include: Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income, Liabilities, Real Estate, Cash and Other Assets.

PortfolioAnalyst by IBKR