Friends and Family Group Accounts

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For managing multiple accounts (15 or fewer) 1 of varying types under a single login, including:

  • Individual
  • Joint
  • Trust
  • IRA
  • Corporation
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability Corporation
  • Unincorporated legal structures

  1. Only Advisors who are exempt from registration are eligible to open a Friends & Family account. Generally, most jurisdictions require that an advisor have 15 or fewer clients in order to qualify for exemption from registration. However, registration requirements can vary among jurisdictions. For example, advisors residing in the U.S. may be required to register under either State or Federal law if they meet certain criteria (e.g., total assets under management, number of clients, whether they receive compensation, etc.).

    For additional information regarding advisor registration requirements, please click here.

Minimum Requirements to Open an Account

Accounts are geared towards professional/active traders and investors; therefore we require the following from customers:

  • Good or extensive product knowledge for any product you wish to trade.
  • Prior execution of 100 or more trades (any product).
  • A minimum equity deposit in cash or stock of USD 10,000 (or USD equivalent) or USD 5,000 for IRA Account (or USD equivalent).