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To subscribe to Wall Street Horizon, log in to Account Management, then select Manage Account > Trade Configuration > Research.

Wall Street Horizon Events Data

Wall Street Horizon's forward-looking corporate event data feeds give institutional traders, investors and other financial services professionals clear and reliable views of potentially market moving corporate events. Equipped with the accurate information these feeds deliver, our clients don't get caught short by event-related surprises.

We offer two main corporate event data feeds: one covering more than 4,700 companies traded on North American exchanges, and another covering 6,000 companies traded on exchanges outside of the U.S. Both feeds are updated eight times per day 5AM-11PM before, during and after market.

Event Calendar feed (North America) includes:

  • Upcoming earnings calendar dates - confirmed or forecasted, with the expected timing of announcements.
  • Earnings conference call details - dates, times and URLs; direct links to earnings call transcripts.
  • Announced dividends - dates, ex-dividend dates, amounts and frequency.
  • Dividend status for each company - pay, don't pay, suspended, resumed.
  • Announced stock splits - dates and ratios.
  • Shareholder and Board Meeting information - dates.

Event Calendar feed (International) includes:

  • Final, interim, quarterly, special and flexible dividend announcements – dates, amounts, frequency.
  • Earnings Releases (Results and Trading Statement) dates.
  • Earnings Conference Calls – dates, times and access URLs.
  • AGM/EGM Shareholder Meetings – dates.
  • AGM Conference Calls.
  • Analyst Meetings.
  • Press Conferences.
  • Monthly Statistics.

Investor Related Events Calendar

Investor-related events like presentations made by company executives at investor conferences can yield valuable gems of information. Finding those gems can be difficult, however, because tracking these disparate events is tedious and time consuming.

Wall Street Horizon streamlines this task for investors with its comprehensive calendar of analyst/investor days and industry conferences including:

  • Coverage of buy-side and sell- side investor conferences.
  • Investor-related event types including: Research & Development Days, Analyst Days, Summits, Trade Shows, Company Travel, Business Updates, Workshops, Forums and more.
  • Accurate, specific information on event dates, venues, and URL links.
  • Detailed presenter information, including executive names and titles, company names, and scheduled dates and times.
  • Over 4,500 conferences annually in North America and globally.
  • Over 20,000 company presentations at conferences (North American companies).
  • Over 750 Analyst/Investor Days (North American companies).