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Smartkarma is a global investment research network made up of independent Insight Providers who produce, curate, and publish unbiased intelligence for institutional investors. Smartkarma's unique approach to research provides differentiated, independent analysis on companies, markets, and industries worldwide. This includes areas under-reported by mainstream market coverage, including Event-Driven, IPOs & placements, and small/mid cap equities, with a special focus on fast-growing Asian and emerging markets.

Smartkarma's online platform allows the buy-side to set their own real-time alerts, customize their reading lists, directly contact Insight Providers, and remain MiFID II-compliant as unbundling regulations change the investment research industry. The online platform connects independent investment Research Providers to institutional asset managers across the world, such as sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, pension funds, boutiques, and family offices. They subscribe to Smartkarma's innovative network for its quality, up-to-the minute reports and real-time conversations between analysts and subscribers.

The network continues to grow as Smartkarma bolsters its offerings and services:

Premium Services allow asset managers to engage with Insight Providers in a deeper, more nuanced way.

Smartkarma Originals are bespoke and exclusive research pieces that look at current topics through unique perspectives, to deliver even more differentiated research to Smartkarma's client base.

Boost Research is an accelerator program supporting analysts who want to start their own independent research businesses.

Corporate Solutions is designed to help listed companies monitor investor and analyst sentiment, improve their research coverage, and streamline investor relations workflows. Smartkarma has expanded quickly from Singapore to establish offices in London, Frankfurt, and New York.

Smartkarma in 5 Key Points:

  • Smartkarma is a unique investment research network designed to help investors discover actionable ideas, connect with Insight Providers, and comply with evolving unbundling regulations such as MiFID II.
  • Independent research providers from all over the world publish, distribute, and monetize via Smartkarma. New Insights are uploaded daily, helping investors stay on top of market developments through real-time alerts.
  • Insight Providers are curated and represent highly sought-after research firms who focus on content verticals under-represented on Wall Street. (e.g. event-driven, IPOs / Placements research, small-/mid-cap equities, etc.)
  • Smartkarma's value proposition is compelling. Customers pay a single subscription, which gives them unlimited access to the platform. Investors no longer need to pay any provider separately. Customers may see a superior route to pay for quality / consumption as opposed to a long list of annual subscriptions.
  • Smartkarma subscriptions are priced on a per-user basis and tailored to meet the needs of the end-customer segment.

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