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Knowing what the market moves

AWP continuously informs about interesting company news, market-moving economic aspects and market-sensitive trends. In this way you are always optimally informed about the news situation and price movements on the world markets.

AWP offers an independent live market coverage of current economic events in Switzerland. The editorial staff provides facts, analyses, commentaries and all relevant figures on companies, markets and industries. AWP regularly reports on more than 1,000 companies in Switzerland - in German, French and Italian.

AWP news is an indispensable source of information about the Swiss financial centre and its companies. With around 1,000 exclusively reports every day on companies, markets, financial analyses, macroeconomics and politics, AWP provides a complete news programme. Our market analysis helps institutional professionals, active traders and private investors to make informed investment decisions.

Feel the pulse of the markets

The market is moving fast, so our live market analysis is an important tool that investors need to keep up. AWP publishes in all leading financial information systems more than 35,000 professional users are reading our financial market news. Many leading Swiss internet platforms and web portals uses AWP News as online content. In addition, several Swiss print media rely on AWP's stock market commentaries and background reports.

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