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Stock, Bond & Options Block Desk

The IBKR Block Trading Desks

Trade with the Help of an Experienced Broker

IBKR Advantage

  • Concierge service for large trades - stocks over 10K shares, options over 100 contracts, bonds over USD 100k par - from IBKR traders with over 50 years of experience
  • Access to liquidity not available electronically, via relationships with ‘upstairs’ providers
  • Start-to-finish execution and monitoring of large trades
  • For Financial Advisors, funds are automatically allocated to and from client accounts in real time

About the Desks

Our Order Desks help Financial Advisors, Hedge Funds, Money Managers, and Family Offices execute large or complex orders, monitor trades when clients are away from their screens, or serve as an extra set of eyes watching orders.

Each desk is manned by professional traders who build strong client relationships, align their approach with your needs, and use decades of high-volume, high pressure trading experience to solve problems.

Execution services are fully integrated with Trader Workstation (TWS).

Trading Desk
IBKR Corporate Bond Order Desk

Our traders help facilitate larger US and European corporate bond trades where electronic liquidity is insufficient. The Corporate Bond Order Desk brokers everything with the street and does not take positions.

Our order desk may be able to find price improvement or additional liquidity for large trades, compared to the electronic NBBO.

  • Minimum size for a corporate bond trade is USD 100K par
  • Desk charges the regular electronic commissions plus a ticket charge of USD 50 per trade
  • Sources liquidity, offers price discovery services, and helps execute large or complex orders
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IBKR Stock and Option Order Desk

Our order desk may be able to find price improvement or additional liquidity for large trades, compared to the electronic NBBO for orders in even the most liquid option classes and ETFs.

  • Minimums are 10K shares and 100 option contracts
  • Assistance with small-footprint price improvement inside the NBBO
  • Commissions of USD 0.01 per share of stock and USD 0.95 per option contract
  • Sources liquidity, brings SPX market color from the pit, offers price discovery services, and helps execute complex algo trading strategies
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