Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy screen

An Easy Tool for Exit Strategies

The Interactive Brokers Exit Strategy window for mobile devices displays your positions in each instrument, including average price. This helps you make informed decisions across all of your holdings, determining where and when to place your exit orders. You can also easily create profit taker and stop loss orders, inputting exit orders in seconds and seamlessly adjusting each price by using the “+” and “-” buttons in the order panel.

The Exit Strategy window highlights your potential profits and losses graphically – green for profit, red for loss – and includes a view into the probability that each order will be filled.

  • In a single window review your positions in each holding, as well as average prices
  • Create exit orders quickly and easily from your mobile device, including profit taker and stop loss.
  • See potential profits and losses, presented intuitively – green for profit, red for loss – to enable faster, more informed decisions