Creating a Futures Option Order

To create a futures option order

  1. From the Main Menu, select Orders.

  2. If you have orders pending, select Place New Order from the Order Management menu, shown below. Otherwise, skip to the next step.

  3. Enter the underlying symbol and select Futures Option as the Type, then select Submit.

  4. Select the Ask (or Bid) price to create a Buy (or Sell) order.

  5. Occasionally the market data snapshot will not contain any price data. If this happens, select Refresh Price to refresh the market data.

  6. Verify the order parameters and select Modify to modify the order parameters.

  7. You can also select:

    The Modify Order screen appears:

  8. Change the order parameters as required:

  9. Select Accept to save your changes. Select Revert to undo changes and revert to your original order.

  10. Review the order parameters, then select Transmit to transmit your order.

  11. View the order status and order description. If necessary, scroll down to see your menu choices.

  12. After you transmit your order, MobileTrader displays a description of the transmitted order, including the order status. Using the screen above as an example, here is the information that MobileTrader displays:

  13. Select one of the following options from the menu. If necessary, scroll down to see the entire menu.

For orders that have not yet executed, select from the following options: