Traders' University

TWS Basics

Running Time: 13 mins

A high-level overview of the Trader Workstation (TWS) feature set, focusing primarily on the Mosaic workspace.

Understanding Margin

Running Time: 24 mins

Introduces you to the basics of IB margin accounts. Learn when and how IB calculates margin and how to use the Real-Time Monitoring features in Trader Workstation to manage your trading risk.

Best Execution

Running Time: 14 mins

What happens to your stock and option orders after you enter a trade in Trader Workstation? In this tour, we illustrate the mechanics of the Interactive Brokers SmartRouterSM and demonstrate its capabilities. We explain that The Transaction Auditing Group (TAG) has performed an independent analysis and determined that the execution quality of IB's customer orders is significantly better than the industry as a whole*. Better execution prices translate into additional cost savings to IB's customers. You'll also gain insight to the logic of stock and option combination order-routing.

IB Tax Optimizer

Running Time: 23 mins

Tax Optimizer allows customers to match specific lots on a daily basis, but it doesn't stop there. It also provides seven lot matching methodologies and lets customers run real-time "what if" scenarios to see the impact of each method on capital gains and losses.

mobileTWS for iPhone

Running Time: 12 mins

Provides an overview of the main features of mobileTWS for iPhone.

mobileTWS for iPad

Running Time: 11 mins

Provides an overview of the main features of mobileTWS for iPad.

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