Bonds - Corporate, Government, and Municipal Securities

Direct market access to US and European corporate bonds, US government securities, US Municipal bonds, non-US Sovereign bonds in Asia and Europe, fixed income futures and fixed income options, all from a single account.

Corporate Bonds, Government Bonds and Municipal Bonds
Discover the advantages of fixed income trading at Interactive Brokers:

  • Multiple Fixed Income Instruments - IB offers multiple fixed income bonds to meet your trading needs. Trade corporate, municipal, or treasury bonds all from a single account and single trading screen.
  • Customer Bond Quotes for Trading in TWS - Unlike traditional bond platforms, our clients can both see and place bid and offer quotes for US Corporate bonds. Non-marketable limit orders that meet or exceed the existing best quote will be included in the IB market data for other IB clients to trade.
  • Comparable Bonds All in One Place - To help ensure fair pricing and make it easy to compare municipal bonds with similar characteristics, TWS automatically displays a table of comparable bonds for each bond order. You can submit a Request for Quote on any of the presented bonds directly from within this table.
  • US Corporate Bonds Scanner - Scan the bond markets on any criteria from bond ratings and coupon rate to a specified convexity range or equity cap using the US Corporate Bonds scanner.
  • Smartest Routing with Multiple Bond Market Centers - IB routes to multiple bond market centers including BondDesk, Knight BondPoint, MuniCenter, NYSE Arca Bonds, and Tradeweb. All bond orders are SmartRouted.
  • Submit Corporate and Municipal Bond RFQs - Submit a Request for Quote on a bond that has no existing quote, to potentially improve upon an existing quote, or to get a quote for a particular trade size.

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