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BasketTrader lets professional traders and investors trade a basket
of individual underlying components as a package.

Basket Trader

You can select an index to replicate or create a group of underlying components to save as a basket. From a single screen, you can easily retrieve basket files, update limit prices, and monitor pending orders, executions and your portfolio.

  • Create a custom basket by saving orders from the trading window.
  • Instantly create a basket based on the composition of an index, and fine-tune the index components based on weight, market cap, beta, price range, or symbol. TWS maintains the basket composition based on changes in the index and user-defined criteria.
  • Reverse the order side of all orders with a single click, and keep reversed order prices relevant by automatically converting limit orders to market or relative orders with offset.
  • Easily modify parameters across the entire basket, or on an order-by-order basis.
  • Cancel unexecuted portions of a basket with a single click.
  • Take advantage of market arbitrage opportunities with basket trades.
  • View total shares and estimated basket order value.
  • Create or edit a basket file directly in MS Excel.