Additional Identification Information: Financial Advisor Accounts

Registered Professional advisors must provide the document listed below. In addition, customers must provide documentation depending on the customer or organization type per the type of account indicated in either individual, joint or institution accounts.

Document Category Acceptable Documents (only one document per category is needed)
Proof of Financial Advisor License or Registration
Must be valid and indicate the body granting the license or registration.


Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited reserves the right to request additional documents in situations where the documents listed above are insufficient to complete our process of due diligence.

All documents must be legible. You are advised to use the "enlarge copy" option when making copies of documents on scanners or copy machines.

You may SEND documents either:

via Fax: 0041 41 726 9599


via Email: as scanned documents to: Please include your Account ID in the Subject line.

Please note that your application for an IB UK account cannot be approved until these documents have been received and reviewed by IB UK. If you have any questions regarding the documents required to open an IB UK account, please contact our New Accounts Department via email at Please include your Account ID in the Subject line.