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Discover Opportunities

Discover is your link to market-defining third-party content selected specifically to help you improve your success as a trader.

Discover Bubble Diagram

It's Easy to See Who's Bubbling Up

Trading Central's Market Buzz bubble overcomes the problem of having to scroll through row upon row of information. See at a glance which companies are being talked about - the bigger the bubble, the greater the buzz. Hold your mouse over a bubble to see the number of mentions. Click a bubble to dive deeper into the selected asset with in-depth News Analytics and expanded Sentiment data.

Let's Get Technical

Optimize your strategies using the combination of actionable analysis, education, and alerts in Trading Central's Technical Insights. The Technical Score provides directional information with the outlook (bullish, neutral, bearish) over different time frames. Technical Views uses a combination of automated algorithms and expertise from senior analysts to monitor the markets for recognizable patterns that could help you create a successful trading plan.

Technical Insights Interface with Charting
Discover Ideas Interface

Get Ideas that Match Your Style

Customize your settings by identifying the asset types you trade on an exchange. Are you bullish or bearish? What sectors and research styles do you prefer? Let us know your preferences and Discover will offer up Featured Ideas that are based on those preferences!

Explore and Discover

Discover ideas and new markets for potential investments using the Discover tool. Discover is available in IBKR Mobile, Client Portal and Trader Workstation (TWS).