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Secure Login System

Interactive Brokers is committed to protecting your account and your account assets from fraudulent practices. The Secure Login System provides an extra layer of security to your account at no charge1 through the use of a free physical security device or a software application (IBKR Mobile – IB Key or Mobile Authenticator app), digital security solutions, designed for mobile devices. Although it requires an extra step when logging into your account, the simple practice of entering a randomly generated security code along with your username and password goes a long way toward protecting your account.

Consider this: if an Internet hacker or identity thief should somehow manage to obtain your IBKR username and password, they WILL NOT be able to access your account without physical possession of your Secure Login System security device or full access to your smartphone. Benefits of the Secure Login System include:

  • The security device provides a layer of additional security to your IBKR account.
  • Participation in the program results in higher daily and weekly withdrawal limits.
  • If you have multiple accounts, you don't need multiple devices. You can share a security device among multiple usernames registered to the same individual.

Temporary Mobile Two-Factor Authentication

During the account application process, you will be asked to confirm a mobile phone number to continue. This will enable two-factor security through SMS mobile phone messaging. IBKR will send you a one-time passcode when you try to login.

The mobile two-factor authentication is temporary and will be removed once you activate one of the digital or physical security devices listed below.

IBKR Mobile Authentication

IBKR Mobile Authentication provides two-factor authentication for your IBKR account via our IBKR Mobile app downloaded to your Android or iOS mobile device. IBKR Mobile Authentication requires a PIN code or fingerprint to operate. You use your IBKR Mobile Authentication alone or as an alternative to your existing physical security device.

Physical Security Devices

Digital Security Card+ - Available to accounts with a balance greater than 1,000,000 USD, this card adds an extra layer of security through the use of a PIN number, a challenge code and a high count of possible code permutations.

How to Request a Security Device

  • New Clients - Register and confirm your mobile phone number or activate one of our digital solutions (IBKR Mobile – IB Key or Mobile Authenticator app). For detailed instructions, see the Secure Login Systems User Guide.
  • Existing Clients - Accounts with equity above $1,000,000 may request a Digital Secure Card+ as a complementary device to their IBKR Mobile – IB Key or Mobile Authenticator app. To do that, please follow the instructions.

When Will I Receive My Device?

We ship physical security devices every day. Projected delivery times range from several business days to several weeks, depending on your shipping address and local delivery options. IBKR Mobile Authentication is downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.


Once you have received your physical security device, log into Portal and follow the instructions to activate your device.

IBKR Mobile – IB Key users must first install the application from the respective mobile application store, the same is valid for the Mobile Authenticator app, in case you do not have one already installed. For detailed instructions, see the Secure Login Systems User Guide.

Once your security device or digital security app is activated, each time you log in to Client Portal, TWS or IBKR Mobile, you will be required to enter two authentication factors – your username and password combination and the security code generated by your device. When you successfully log in, your account will be secured with full perimeter coverage, protecting both your cash and positions from unauthorized access.

How to Request a Replacement Security Device

In the event that your physical security device has been lost, stolen or is inoperable, follow the instructions in the Secure Login Systems User Guide.

Withdrawal Limits

Clients who participate in the Secure Login System enjoy enhanced withdrawal capabilities, while clients who do not participate are subject to daily and weekly withdrawal restrictions. The amount that a participating client may withdraw or transfer over a given one- or five-day period increases commensurate with the protective value of the device and is outlined in the table below.

Withdrawal Limits for IBKR Clients

Security Device Maximum Withdrawal per Day Maximum Withdrawal in 5 Business Days
None (2FA Not Configured) 50K USD 100K USD
Temporary Security Code 50K USD 100K USD
SMS (Text) Message 200K USD 600K USD
Mobile Authenticator App 1M USD 1M USD
IBKR Mobile – IB Key 1M USD 1M USD
Security Code Card* 200K USD 600K USD
Digital Security Card* 1M USD 1.5M USD
Digital Security Card+ (DSC+) Unlimited Unlimited
Platinum*/Gold* Unlimited Unlimited


* Represents a legacy device no longer being issued and in the process of being replaced.

[1] Please note that while IBKR imposes no fee to use a device, a replacement fee is associated with certain devices if lost, damaged or otherwise not returned should the account be closed.