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IMPACT Release Notes for Android

8.94 September 2022: Monitor Event Contract Positions

Now you can monitor Event Contract positions trading in EventTrader in your portfolio. Additionally, access EventTrader by tapping an Event Contract in your portfolio.

8.93 August 2022: Introducing Options Trading

Are you interested in trading options, but don't know where to start? Try the Options Wizard! Move through the wizard interface to enter your outlook on the future of the underlying's price movement, and the Options Wizard presents a group of standard strategies that you can filter by aggressiveness, Probability of Profit, Max Gain, and more to help you choose. Or, use the Option Chains by tapping "Options" from Quote Details and then Option Chain. Select an expiration date along the top, then toggle to activate "Buy or Sell" and show"Calls or Puts." Tap a strike to explore further, then tap to Create Order or to add this option as a leg to a multi-leg strategy.

Note that options trading is not available in all regions.

8.92 April 2022: Cycle Portfolio Columns; Edit Watchlist

You can now cycle through values in your Portfolio by tapping the value in the last column to the far right. This feature allows you to see more data points without taking up extra space or requiring a swipe to view. Tap up to three times to cycle through Last Change%, Today's P&L, and Total P&L.

We've add a new "Edit Watchlist" command to the right of the Add to Watchlist command at the bottom of the Watchlist. Use the edit command to delete a symbol or reorder symbols on the page.

8.90 March 2022: Invest in a Greener Future with Carbon Offsets

A carbon credit offset, or carbon offset, is one tool you can use to help "offset" your carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is a broad way to describe how much GHG, or Greenhouse Gas emissions, are produced by your day-to-day activities, like driving to work, cooking dinner, or turning on the lights. Many of our seemingly benign actions generate these emissions.

Now you can make a lasting difference and reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets in IMPACT. Choose from a list of greenhouse-gas emitting activities related to household, transportation and food and choose an action to submit a carbon offset order. We track the offsets you purchase along with the associated number of tons of carbon you've neutralized - both within the app and in your statements - so you can always see the difference you're making.

To get started, tap the Offset Your Carbon Footprint banner at the top of the IMPACT app. Swipe up to see offsets by category. Tap an activity to see a brief description and select a quantity to create the offset order. Alternatively, tap the Offset Carbon button to enter an amount to purchase in tons or USD. IBKR handles the behind-the-scenes work, sourcing carbon credits and retiring them with the appropriate agencies to make helping to protect the plant a seamless process. NOTE: You cannot select a project toward which to apply your credits. For more details, see the Carbon Offsets white paper.