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TWS Release Notes 10.15

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Updated Login Screen

We have redesigned the TWS login window for efficiency, reducing the number of clicks and mouse movements needed to log in and keeping all login actions, like popups for two-factor authentication, messages, and the "More Options" screen (where you can change TWS versions, theme colors and more), on a single window.

IBKR ATS Pegged-to-Best Order Type

Pegged-to-Best, an order type unique to IBKR, allows clients to direct liquidity-adding orders to the IBKR ATS that compete not only with the near side NBBO, but with other same side liquidity adding orders resting in the IBKR ATS. We have recently added a second offset to this order type to accommodate orders where the midpoint falls on the 1/2 cent.

Visit the order types page to out more about the IBKR ATS Pegged-to-Best order type

Advisors/Brokers: "Solicited" and "Manual Order Time" Fields

We have added the Reporting page to the Orders section of Global Configuration. Settings hosted in this page include:

  • The default setting for the "Solicited" orders flag. This setting is used to specify whether orders are Solicited (discussed with and approved by the client) or Discretionary (done at the discretion of the Advisor with no client discussion).
  • Manual Order Time and Manual Order Cancel Time Settings (for OATS enabled accounts): When a directed order for an account that supports Manual Order Time is created and no default setting has been defined, a pop-up will ask the client to select either:
    • I place orders that are received over the phone, default Manual Order Time to "Now."
    • I place orders at my firm's discretion, do not default Manual Order Time.

Once the Manual Order Time default has been set, clients can access these choices from the Orders > Reporting page of Global Configuration to change default settings. This same "pop-up" process occurs the first time the client attempts to cancel a directed order that supports Manual Order Cancel Time.