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TWS Release Notes

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Advisor Allocation Group Updates

Recent updates to Advisor Allocation Group functionality include:

  • Removal of Method Field in Orders: The allocation "Method" drop-down field is no longer available in the order entry area. Previously, when you selected a Group you could choose to modify the allocation Method for that group. Now, you can see the allocation method in the order line, but you must modify the method in the Advisor Setup area.
  • Changes to "Equal Quantity" Method: The Equal Quantity method has been changed to "Equal." The functionality of this method has also been changed. Instead of allocating an equal number of units among all accounts in the selected group, the Equal method attempts to make the positions equal. In some cases this may result in Equal Quantity.
  • Allocation Group Default Quantity: You can now define a Default Size for Group Allocations using the Default Size field that displays on the Create Group box when you choose a method. If you set a default size, it will be applied to an order when you select that Group. If no Default Size is set, the order will use the Preset default size.

US Stock "Size" Quotes Displayed in Shares

Previously, US stock size quotes were displayed in round lots (of 100 shares). Effective with TWS release 985 and above, the bid, ask, and last size quotes are displayed in shares instead of lots.

API users have the option to configure the TWS API to work in compatibility mode for older programs, but we recommend migrating to "quotes in shares" at your earliest convenience. To use compatibility mode, from the Global Configuration > API > Settings page, check "Bypass US Stocks market data in shares warning for API orders."