Trade Small Exchange Futures

Trade Small Exchange Futures
with Interactive Brokers

Use advanced trading technology to gain access to a range of markets.

Why Trade on the Small Exchange1
with Interactive Brokers?

Interactive Brokers clients trading on the Small Exchange can trade small, standard and simple futures products for the lowest commissions and margin rates.2

The Small Exchange provides traders with access to a diverse markets that are smaller than traditional futures while subscribing to the same tick size and expiration.

Futures Product TWS Ticker
Small 2 Year US Treasury Yield 2YSME
Small 10 Year US Treasury Yield 10YSME
Small 30 Year US Treasury Yield 30YSME
Small Stock 75 75SME
Small US Dollar FXSME
Small Precious Metals PRESME
Small US Crude Oil SMO
Small Technology 60 STXSME

In addition, the Small Exchange also offers a lifetime subscription3 that provides exclusive content and even lower exchange and market data fees. Visit the Small Exchange Subscriber Portal to learn more.

About the Small Exchange


The Size

Each product has smaller proportions than existing futures and more efficient margining than traditional stocks and ETFs.

Cheaper than stocks and ETFs.

±$40 - $100
±$500 - $1,500

Smaller than traditional futures.


The Construction

The build behind all Small Exchange products is standard, so you can focus
on trading, not studying.
Tick Sizes









All Smalls move in
0.01 increments that equal $1.

Expiration chart

All Smalls expire on the
third Friday of the month.4

Interactive Brokers
Low Commissions

Buy and sell futures at commission rates that are among the lowest in the online trading industry.
Low Commissions icon

Contracts in Every Major Asset Class

Hedge a position or speculate on price movements with the following futures contracts:
  • Agriculturals – Livestock, Grains and others
  • Currencies
  • Energy – Crude Oil, Natural Gas and others
  • Equity Indices
  • Fixed Income
  • Interest Rates
  • Metals – Precious, Base and others
  • Narrow-based Indices
  • Single-Stock Futures
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Open an Account

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Already a Client?

If you are an IBKR client with Futures trading permission, you already have permission to trade the Small Exchange. If you would like to request Futures trading permission, simply log in to Client Portal to request the permission from the Settings > Account Settings > Trading Experiences & Permissions menu.

Add Permission
  • Interactive Brokers Group, Inc., the parent company of Interactive Brokers, LLC, is a minority owner of Small Exchange Inc.
  1. The venue is only available for trades executed and cleared at Interactive Brokers. Execution only or Prime Broker services for the Small Exchange are not currently offered.
  2. Rated Lowest Cost Broker by Annual Online Review 2020. Read the full review.
  3. Clients obtain their Lifetime status directly from the Small Exchange. Once obtained, contact to have the Small Exchange Lifetime subscription discount applied to your account.
  4. Except SMO. For expiration date details, visit the SMO product page.