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NDR is available in desktop and mobile, and does not require a subscription.

The Ned Davis Research offering for Interactive Broker clients provides broad, objective market analysis and implementation ideas. The commentary includes: daily U.S. economic analysis; weekly summaries providing insights on global and U.S. economies, global asset allocation, global and U.S. fixed income, U.S. equities, and U.S. sectors; and monthly commentary summarizing the firm’s investment strategy. The offering also includes actionable ideas through weekly commentary on ETF trends and ETFs. Access to in-depth insights for global and U.S. fixed income, as well as 25 key fixed income indicators and charts, rounds out the offering.

Founded in 1980, NDR is a global provider of independent investment research insights, tools, and solutions. We use the weight of the evidence and a 360-degree approach to build up to market insights. When we say "evidence," we mean processing millions of data series to fuel a historical perspective, building proprietary indicators and models, and calming investors so they can see the signals and avoid mistakes.

Today, we are widely recognized for concise commentary and unbiased views. We believe that no client is too big or too small to benefit from NDR’s insights. To serve those clients, we are headquartered in Venice, Florida, with offices in New York, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

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