Stock Traders Daily

Stock Traders Daily

Stock Traders Daily on Interactive Brokers

Stock Traders Daily is available in desktop and mobile, and does not require a subscription.

Trading Reports and Ahead of the Curve

Buy and sell signals, fundamental charts, and technical data for day, swing, and long term trades. Includes a daily hand-drawn combined analysis of near, mid, and long term straight-line technicals for the NDX, DOW, RUT and SPX. This market analysis helps distill anomalies.

Daily Tech Market Analysis

Stock Traders Daily offers a Daily Comprehensive Market Analysis that combines the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ 100, S&P 500, and Russell 2000 (combining analyses to help identify anomalies and opportunities). Market analysis helps investors tune out the noise associated with stocks and company specific dynamics and make improved investment decisions. This subscription provides market analysis and commentary, forward guidance, strategy updates, and trading plans updated aftermarket every day, in advance of the next trading session. Traders using index futures and leveraged ETFs use Stock Trader Daily's raw data to define entry and exit levels, while investors, advisors, and funds use the daily commentary to monitor changes to sentiment.

Strategies and Timing

Stock Traders Daily offers Strategy indicators and Timing Tools that are designed to help investors make long and short trading and investing decisions over varying time frames. The Strategy indicators are a simplified way of understanding whether a portfolio should be exposed to the market or protected, for example. These are updated after hours every day, for the next session, and during market hours when necessary too. Tools include Sentiment Tables and Fibonacci Calculations to help investors with their timing strategies. Please email and request more information about the accuracy of their Fibonacci Timing Tool. With Strategy Indicators and Timing Tools, both investors and Traders can gauge their market exposure, and make decisions supported by proven techniques.

Economic Analysis

Stock Traders Daily offers a big-picture approach to economic observations; less focused on the day to day changes to economic data, and more focused on data and events that shape the macroeconomic picture. Stock Traders Daily focuses on global liquidity, central bank monetary policy, and long-term economic trends.

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