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Bespoke Weather Services is a premier integrated weather forecasting service for natural gas traders, offering actionable trade ideas and market risk profiles from live weather modeling and pricing data to identify opportunities along the natural gas strip. Services provided combine fundamental supply/demand and technical analysis with weather forecasts to provide numerous research reports through the day alerting traders to what is driving price action and how risk appears skewed moving forward. Offerings include market sentiments on a daily, weekly, and seasonal basis, providing research packages for both active short-term traders and longer-term investors and portfolio managers.

Bespoke Weather Services is the premier integrated weather forecasting service for natural gas traders, offering actionable trade ideas and market risk profiles using the latest weather modeling and pricing data. Services offered combine fundamental data with technical/spread analysis and custom weather research to identify opportunities along the natural gas strip, following price action from intraday moves to seasonal trends to provide research for traders and investors of varying time frames. See below the list of 3 primary research packages for those active in the natural gas space:

BWS Basic: Monday and Friday detailed reports including current weather forecasts, expectations for how forecasts trend over the next week, seasonal forecasts, natural gas technical and spread analysis, and storage/market balance analysis. Best for longer-term investors looking to be kept abreast of the weather’s role in the natural gas market on a weekly basis.

BWS Premium: All of Basic plus Morning and Afternoon custom weather forecasts and technical analysis, including weather-driven natural gas sentiment and market discussions. Both Updates include 15-Day Gas Weighted Degree Day forecasts as well as forecasts for how weather models will adjust over the coming 12-24 hours and where short-term risk is skewed in the natural gas market. Best for those trading natural gas more regularly as a piece of their portfolio.

BWS Active Trader: All of Premium plus an early morning Text Message Alert on how overnight weather model changes might impact natural gas prices through the morning, a mid-day Note on what may potentially driving price action through the trading day and how afternoon weather guidance could impact prices, and a weekly Seasonal Forecast including an idea generator on how to trade using the seasonal forecast along the natural gas strip. Best for active traders specializing in natural gas and looking to play spreads and options in addition to flat price.

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