Link Your Accounts

Link Your Accounts

Link multiple accounts under a single username

What Accounts Can You Link?

  • Individual, Joint, Trust, IRA and IB Canada RSP accounts:
    • Link existing multiple accounts.
    • Create new accounts that are linked to their existing account.
    • Link existing standalone and Advisor- or Broker-managed accounts together, or link an existing standalone account to a new Advisor- or Broker-managed account.
  • Friends and Family clients, Advisor clients and Fully Disclosed Broker clients:
    • Link existing multiple accounts.
  • Advisors and Fully Disclosed Brokers:
    • Link existing multiple Individual, Joint, Trust, IRA and IB Canada RSP client accounts.
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ACME Advisor

Individual Account

Joint Account

Client Account


  • Access Trader Workstation, WebTrader, IB TWS and Account Management for all linked accounts using a single username and password and a single security device.
  • Create any number of new linked accounts.
  • Market data fees are charged once for linked accounts under a single username rather than charged separately for each linked account (market data subscriptions are charged per terminal/computer). However, additional users will be charged separate market data fees, and new linked accounts must be funded separately.
  • Applicable activity fee minimums are based on commissions consolidated across all linked accounts.
  • Generate consolidated reports for all linked accounts.

How Do You Link Accounts?

  • In Account Management.
  • When you begin a new application for an existing matching email address, you will be asked to link the accounts.
  • In the Investors' Marketplace (when linking to an existing or new Advisor- or Broker-managed account).
  1. Linking your full account to an Advisor- or Broker-managed account includes all of your cash and positions. When you link your full account to an Advisor, you will no longer be able to log into Trader Workstation and your current market data subscriptions will be canceled.
  2. Single Hedge Funds can link to an Advisor-managed account only.