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Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) Fees

Exchange Fees - Composed of a Fixed Fee + Variable Fee

Product Group Fixed Fee Variable Fee Maximum per order
Value up to 100,000 PLN 0.15 per order PLN 0.029% PLN 880
Value 100,000 - 2,000,000 PLN 0.15 per order PLN 0.024% PLN 880
Value over 2,000,000 PLN 0.15 per order PLN 0.01% PLN 880

Clearing Fee - Composed of Clearing + Third Party Clearing Fee

Product Group Fee Minimum per Trade Maximum per Trade
Clearing Fee PLN 0.0035% * trade value PLN 0.20 per trade PLN 2.50 per trade
Third Party Clearing Fee EUR 0.10 per trade