TWS Release Notes

Shortcut to Adaptive Algo in Order Entry

Achieve the fastest fill at the best all-in price by using the Adaptive IB Algo, which adjusts to match market conditions. We made it easier to use the Adaptive IB Algo in Mosaic’s Order Entry.


Click the Adaptive button to activate Adaptive mode. Once active, you may choose to set a specific limit price, which results in an Adaptive Limit order, or leave the “MARKET” price, which produces an Adaptive Market order.

  • Adaptive Market - For a buy order, a simple Market order hits the ask and fills, while an Adaptive Market order dynamically selects and varies the price in an effort to fill at the best all-in price.
  • Adaptive Limit - Works similar to an Adaptive Market order, but uses the limit price as a price cap. The Adaptive Limit will only fill at the specified limit price or better.

If you don't see the Adaptive button in your Order Entry Panel, switch to Interactive mode. Click the configuration wrench icon, select Settings, choose Interactive as the Order Entry Tool Style and click OK.

Visit the Adaptive Algo order types page to find out more.

Bug Fixes

The current release includes several bug fixes including: presets that were not applied as expected for orders; the Trades summary feature that wasn’t loading correctly; incorrect display when switching the main window view to use the OS Window Bar.