TWS Release Notes

IBot Calendar Commands

IBot, our natural language trading interface, now supports calendar-related trading commands. Ask to see economic and corporate events, such as: "show upcoming dividends for companies in my portfolio” or “show economic events for companies in my watchlist and portfolio” and “are there any earnings announcements scheduled this week for companies in my portfolio?" In addition to calendar-related commands, IBot understands commands relating to quotes, charts, trades, orders, closing positions, your account, market scanner, option chain, Level II depth and "help." You can watch the demo by typing "demo" into the entry line.

Remember that you can use IBot with voice commands from your TWS for iPhone (running iOS version 10 or later).

To find out more, see the IBot Feature in Focus page.

Cash Quantity for Forex Orders

You can have the system calculate the order quantity for Forex orders based on a monetary value that you specify. To use this “Cash Quantity” feature, click the Quantity field in the Order Entry panel or on a Classic order line, and toggle the quantity from the default currency to the alternate currency. For example, if the forex pair you’re trading is EUR.USD, the default currency is EUR. When you toggle to the alternate currency, in this case USD, the value will default to the equivalent monetary value based on the current exchange rate. When you submit the order, the system will attempt to buy or sell a quantity based on the amount you want to spend/receive.

Because the price may move before the order fills, we apply a “Cash Quantity Estimate Factor” when calculating the order quantity. This factor, set at 25% by default, increases the calculated order quantity to try to achieve the desired monetary outcome in cases where the price drops (for a buy order) or rises (for a sell order) by allowing more units to be bought or sold. You can change the estimate factor in the Size section of the Forex Preset in Global Configuration.


Consolidated Quote Button

A new Consolidated button has been added to Mosaic and Classic views. This button is displayed when a US equity product is selected, and when clicked it shows a consolidated market data view for the selected instrument.

Within Mosaic, the button displays in the Order Entry panel when an eligible product is selected. When clicked, attention is brought to the Quote Details tile if that is included in the layout; otherwise, a small consolidated quote box appears and shows the last price, the change, the last size and exchange and more.

In Classic view, selecting an eligible product displays the Consolidated button in the new Ticker Action field. When clicked, the consolidated quote box appears and shows the last price, the change, the last size and exchange, and more.

Beginning in early February, this button will take on an addition role as the "snapshot" button. To expand our data offerings and allow greater customization, clients will have the option to receive streaming data from one, two or all three of the official tapes at the full monthly rate, or receive delayed data along with the ability to see "snapshot" quotes from these services at 0.01 USD (or equivalent) per snapshot, capped at the monthly streaming service rate.

Prior to this change taking effect, clients will receive a communication from IB explaining the transition in detail.


We have fixed several dividend- and display-related bugs.