IB Asset Management Advisor Instructions

IB Asset Management Portfolios for Advisor Clients

IB Asset Management offers dozens of portfolios, including the Smart Beta portfolios. These unique products combine the benefits of actively managed mutual fund stock selection techniques with the low costs of ETFs to provide broad market exposure and potentially higher returns. Smart Beta portfolios have low management fees of just 8 basis points and low investment minimums. Advisors can now pass the benefits IB Asset Management offers to their clients.

How Advisors can invest in IB Asset Management Portfolios for their Clients

Log into IB Account Management with your Advisor master account, and then locate IB Asset Management in the Money Manager section of the IB Investors' Marketplace.
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Click the blue Link button on the bottom of IB Asset Management's Money Manager listing, and then electronically sign a sub-advisory agreement with IB Asset Management.

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IB Asset Management will review your link request and contact you via phone or email to complete the signup process.

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