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TWS Version 961 - Release Notes

Create Custom Layouts Using the Layout Library

The default Mosaic workspace layout includes various trading tools for market data, order management, and news and analytics all in a single frame. It allows you to trade most instruments and is a great place to start, but you can also customize your workspace by creating trading layouts comprising the tools you use most. Layouts appear as named tabs along the bottom of TWS, making it easy for you to toggle between layouts with a single click.

To help you customize your workspace, we offer a Layout Library. Simply peruse and select a layout, for example "Option Trading" or "Futures Spreads" to add it to your workspace. Use the layout as-is, or unlock and edit it to make it your own. You can add, remove and resize tools, and use windows linking to connect tools by asset. Modify background and font colors, included fields and the order of fields on most windows.

To create a new layout, click the Add Tab "+" sign at the end of the tabset along the bottom of the Mosaic. Click Open Layout Library on the right side of the Add Tab dialog box. Browse layouts. Click Details to see more information; click Add Layout to create the layout. Alternatively, create a layout from scratch by entering the name of your new custom layout on the left side of the dialog box.

Toggle between your layouts by simply clicking the correct tab on the bottom of the frame.

Layout Library

Unified Event Calendar

We've taken the Thomson Reuters Street Events data, which was previously displayed on separate pages in the Events Calendar section, and combined all of it into a unified "Calendars" interface with multiple, filterable sections.

To view the unified Calendar, click the Event Calendar button in the Mosaic Anchor window. The left side of the display provides filters to streamline the displayed data shown on the right. By default the view opens to today's date, but you can click any date on the calendar widget to view events for that day. Other filters include:

  • Filter by Company: Enter a symbol to filter out all data but for the specified company.
  • Only Show My Companies
    • If on, companies displayed in the individual sections are in your portfolio, a Watchlist, were recently held by you, or are competitor companies of these. Filter further by unchecking any of the four "my companies" selections.
    • If off, you will see full data from Thomson Reuters.
  • Corporate Actions
    • If on, all four sections of the Corporate Actions umbrella are displayed. Filter further by unchecking one or more of the Corporate Action sub-categories.
  • Corporate Events - Toggle on or off to display or hide Corporate Events.
  • Economic Events - Toggle on or off to display or hide Economic Events.
  • Option Last Trade Dates - Toggle on or off to display or hide the Option Last Trade Dates section.
  • Region - Use the drop down selector box to view data for US, America Non-US, Europe, Asia, or all regions.

The results of your filters are displayed in the large frame on the right side of the Calendars window. Use the DAY/WEEK/MONTH buttons on the top right to view results for the selected day, week, or month. Events shown in weekly or monthly view are identified by colored dots. Use the calendar widget in the Filter section to select a different day, week or month.

Unified Calendars

Option Selector - View as List or Tabs

We continue to provide more user customization throughout TWS. The Option Selector window, Option Chain and OptionTrader now provide two different display types: List View and Tabbed View. Both views display Calls on the left and puts on the right and both show the strike price in the center column. The List View additionally shows the contract description and days to expiration in the center column. The Tabbed View shows this information in each individual tab header. You can easily switch between views using the View dropdown list.

Also specify the number of strikes or specific strikes and the standard deviations in the Strikes drop down; the exchange or multiple exchanges in the Smart drop down; and the trading class or multiple trading classes (when valid) in the symbol dropdown. TWS remembers the last view you selected and will open it the next time you use the tool.

Easy Order Entry

Portfolio Performance Profile Window

You can now add the Portfolio Performance Profile tool to a layout as an independent window. Previously, this tool was only available as a sidecar off your Mosaic Portfolio page. The Portfolio Performance Profile window lets you compare your portfolio's performance to that of a relevant benchmark and see how key portfolio metrics may change relative to moves in the benchmark. You can select a benchmark index from the drop down list in the title bar of the window.

To add the Portfolio Performance Profile window to a layout, select if from the New Window drop down list.

Hide P&L Column Calculation

You can now hide the pop-up P&L calculation explanation that displays when you hold your mouse over a value in the P&L column. The information displays in a large pop-up box and shows current P&L as of the current time, P&L as of 5 minutes before midnight, and Net Traded amount since midnight.

To hide the pop-up, you can check the "Don't show this popup text again" checkbox in the actual message, or go into Global Configuration and from the Display>Settings page uncheck "Show calculations for P&L columns" in the Tooltips section of the Settings page.

Municipal Bond Reports from Lumesis DIVER Advisor

Clients who trade Muni bonds and have CUSIP data permissions will now be able to link to Lumesis DIVER Advisor Municipal Bond Reports directly from within TWS. Bond reports provide a comprehensive overview for the selected municipal bond, including terms and features, redemption information, ratings, defaults and news and much more.

To view Lumesis bond reports from a muni bond data line, right-click the bond and select Contract Info and then Lumesis Bond Details. From within the Classic layout, you can also click the Bond Report button that displays in the new Bond Report column. Note that this beta feature may not be visible immediately as it is being rolled out to clients gradually over the next week.