Intrinio on Interactive Brokers

To subscribe to Intrinio Research, log in to Account Management, then select Manage Account > Trade Configuration > Research.

Intrinio uses machine learning and rules based algorithms to collect financial data, cleaning and standardizing data sets that may be difficult for investors to analyze. This proprietary, automated data collection process is designed to make Intrinio’s data affordable and easy to access.

Access Methods available to IB users:

  • RESTful web API (JSON)
  • Excel add-in
  • Google Sheets add-on
  • CSV Download

Intrinio provides more than 50 data feeds, four of which are available through Interactive Brokers:

  • US Public Company Financials ($100/mo)
    • 10 years of standardized and as reported 10Q and 10K filings
    • Statement of cash flows, balance sheets, income statement
    • 120 + valuation metrics and ratios
    • Intra-day and adjusted historical stock prices
    • Company News
  • US Insider Transactions & Ownership ($50/mo)
    • Transactions available by company or individual
    • Data to 2004 for all US insiders
    • Number of shares, transaction price, number of shares owned
    • Details regarding nature of ownership and type of transaction
  • US Institutional Holdings ($50/mo)
    • Track share buybacks
    • Group institutional holdings by security or owner
    • Number of shares, voting authority, and value of shares
    • Change in share holdings from previous quarter
  • US & Global Economic ($0/mo)
    • Decades of historical time series data for critical indices
    • 200,000+ indicies including non-farm payrolls, treasury yields, commodities benchmarks
    • Percent change, compound rate of change, log, Y/Y change


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