Check Your IB Account On The Go: Apple Watch

Check Your IB Account On-The-Go: Apple Watch

View your IB account information and FYI notifications at a glance on your Apple Watch.
Just log into IB TWS for Mobile on your iPhone and you can check key account metrics and receive IB FYI trading notifications right on your watch. No need to pull out your phone to see what's happening; with just a flick of the wrist you can check your Net Liquidation, Orders and Trades, Excess Liquidity and your Current Positions. Once your Apple Watch is configured and synced with TWS for iPhone, you can always stay connected!

Enable Glances on your Apple Watch

Glances allow you to see your key account metrics and the FYI badge showing you how many notifications you've received.

  1. Ensure that you've updated your IB TWS for Mobile app to Version 8.14 or later.
  2. Find the Watch app on your phone and go to Glances.
  3. The bottom list shows the Do Not Include Glances. Tap the plus sign to add TWS to the Include list. Use the Edit feature to change the order of the listed items to display on your watch.

Receive IB FYI Notifications

You can receive your IB FYI notifications right on your watch similar to the way you receive your text messages, but first you need to have them enabled on your iPhone.

Enable your iPhone push notifications for IB FYIs

  1. Tap to open Settings and then tap Notifications.
  2. Scroll through the list of apps in the Notification Style list until you find IB TWS.
  3. Tap to view the IB TWS settings, and if not already enabled, slide to Allow Notifications.

Now, use your Apple Watch!

Press the button on the side of your Apple Watch to view the time. Then, swipe upwards to access your Glances. Swipe left through your Glances until the TWS display appears.

Interactive Brokers Apple Watch App

If you enabled push notifications, you will now receive IB FYIs as readable messages on your watch in addition to seeing the FYI badge count on the TWS Glance.

Interactive Brokers Apple Watch App