IB Asset Management Smart Beta Portfolios

Management Fees
  • An annual asset-based management fee of 0.08% of the gross market value of investments.

IB Commissions for Transactions in Your IB Asset Management Smart Beta Portfolio Investments
  • All IB Asset Management transactions are executed by Interactive Brokers. IB Asset Management and Interactive Brokers are affiliates.
  • Brokerage commissions charged by Interactive Brokers are in addition to IB Asset Management's asset management fees.
  • Interactive Brokers charges IB Asset Management clients modified volume-based tiered commissions for stock trades. We charge $0.0035 in commissions per aggregated shares based on the whole “basket” of securities in a client's Smart Beta investment rather than on each security. Generally, for Smart Beta Portfolio trades, we charge a minimum commission equal to the lower of $5 or 0.05% of trade value per client account, if more than the standard tiered commissions charge of $0.0035 per aggregated shares in the client basket. We cap commissions on Smart Beta portfolios at 0.5% of the value of the basket trade.
  • We require certain types of brokerage accounts to generate a minimum level of commissions each month. Therefore, in addition to applicable commissions, whenever the overall monthly commissions paid by all IB Asset Management client accounts do not amount to at least $10 in commissions per account per month, we will collectively charge IB Asset Management clients the difference between the actual commissions charged and the overall $10 minimum due for all IB Asset Management clients, determined on a pro rata basis (based on the amount by which each IB Asset Management client account is below the $10 minimum.)
  • Important disclosures about IB Asset Management can be found here. Here you will find a discussion of the risks associated with investments in Smart Beta portfolios.

IB Asset Management Smart Beta