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Delivery, Exercise and Corporate Actions

Futures Close-Out Policy

Physically delivered products (which include products eligible and ineligible to trade at negative prices) are subject to a close-out period1. Also subject to a close-out period are oil-related futures contracts which are eligible to trade at negative prices, which includes those with settlement in terms of either physical delivery or cash settlement at expiration.

As the risk of a product's value may decline into negative prices, and to avoid deliveries of expiring futures contracts, including those resulting from futures options expiry, clients must roll forward or close out positions prior to the start of the Close-Out deadline specific to that contract. Any physically delivered contract, including cash settled oil futures contracts which are not closed out within the specified time frame, may be liquidated by IBKR without prior notification. Additionally, beginning five business days prior to expiration, only margin-reducing transactions in expiring month contracts will be accepted for oil-based products eligible to trade at negative prices.

Exchange Trading Class Contract Month Description Applicable to Cash/IRA Accounts Only Start of Close-Out Period 2 Long Futures Cutoff 3 Long Futures Liquidation 5 Short Futures Cutoff 4 Short Futures Liquidation 5
No contract data is available.
  1. Physical Delivery rules for this contract are applicable to Cash/IRA accounts only.
  2. Open positions held after the close of the trading day indicated in this field become subject to liquidation.
  3. First Position Date and Time; cutoff applicable to long positions.
  4. Last Trading Date and Time; cutoff applicable to short positions.
  5. The times listed in "Long Futures Liquidation" and "Short Futures Liquidation" columns are shown in local exchange time.