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Stay informed of marketplace events that could affect your investments with IB FYI real-time notifications sent to you ahead of takeovers, earnings, options expirations and more.
IB FYIs are designed to help keep you informed of upcoming events that could impact your account with custom notifications based on your portfolio and trading activity. Use the FYI settings to easily activate notifications that you're interested in receiving, and specify how you'd like to receive them. The complete list of account notifications is always available by clicking the FYI button in the Mosaic.

Our current IB FYI notification offerings include:

Feature Announcement

See announcements for new features available in new versions of TWS. This FYI is always on by default.

871(m) Trades

Have the system notify you when a position you establish is subject to US dividend tax withholding 871(m) rules.

Assignment-Realizing Long Term Gains

Have the system notify you if an option assignment will result in delivery of US stock with long-term gains.

For more information about T+1, see the Users' Guide topic.

Borrow Availability

Get notified when shares become available for a short you've attempted but have been unable to complete in the last three days.

Comparable Algo

Have the system notify you if there is a comparable algo or order type to the one you're using, but with lower fees.

Mutual Fund Advisory

If we find that there are ETFs comparable to any of your mutual fund holdings, we'll let you know and you can use the TWS ETF/Mutual Fund Replicator to find the relevant ETFs and compare their performance to that of your mutual fund.

Option Expiration

Receive notification three days prior to the last trading day for any options positions.

Platform Use Suggestions

Have the system send suggestions to help you better use the trading platform

Short Term Gains Turning Long Term

Have the system notify you when the US capital gains tax holding period on my profitable positions is about to change from short-term to long-term.


If a company in which you hold a position is the target of or acquirer in a potential merger or acquisition, IB FYI will send notification.

Upcoming Earnings

Get notifications of upcoming earnings announcements for companies included in your holdings.

Dividend-Triggered Option Exercise Advisory

Have the system notify you if your account holds call options whose underlying stock is scheduled to trade ex-dividend within the next two trading days.

Suspend Orders on Economic Event

Upcoming events and times during which your orders will be suspended as specified by you. Once set, this IB FYI is an automatic action.

System Messages

Have the system notify you if your account has system-generated messages, for example margin violation warnings etc.

User-Defined Alerts

Receive notifications that you activated using the Mobile Trading Assistant.

Setting up your IB FYIs

Define your IB FYI settings and delivery options directly within IB TWS by clicking the FYI button in Mosaic.

Click "FYI Subscription Settings" to turn notifications on and off.

Click "FYI Delivery Options" to specify where to send notifications.

Automatic Actions


Let the system automatically exercise options early if this action is projected to be economically beneficial to your account. Regardless of whether or not you elect this action, the "always on" Dividends notification will let you know in cases where early exercise may be beneficial.

To activate automatic actions, you must log into Client Portal and use the Manage Account > Trade Configuration > IB FYI page.