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ValuEngine (VE) is a stock valuation and forecasting service founded by Ivy League finance academics and Wall Street professionals in 1996. ValuEngine provides individual stock valuation and forecasting reports on over 4,000 US stocks (including 800+ ADRs) and over 1,200 Canadian stocks. In addition, we provide reports on 16 Sectors which are further broken down into 140 Industries. All reports are updated daily after market close.

Our Rating and Forecast Report incorporates the outputs from all of our proprietary models and includes a valuation overview, rating, fair value assessment, return forecasts, market ratio-based valuations, comparable stock analysis, and complete company financials.

ValuEngine's Rating and Forecast Reports for over 5000 stocks provide a recommendation that is based on the proprietary ValuEngine one-year forecast return model output for each individual equity. ValuEngine's Five-Engine rating stocks have an averaged annual return of 26.40% since 2002.

ValuEngine also provides a forecast for 1-3-6 months as well as 1-2-3 years. The predictive variables used in Valuengine's forecast model include both proprietary and well-established variables derived from credible financial studies and publications. We use a distinct forecasting model for each time horizon and apply the most advanced statistical/econometric techniques to ensure that our stock return forecasts are as reliable as possible.

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