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Benzinga Professional is Wall Street's go-to source for breaking headlines and profitable, market-moving information. Approximately 93% more cost-effective than the Reuters and Bloomberg Terminals, Benzinga Pro grants users access to accurate corporate data powering major financial brokerages. Benzinga Pro allows investors of all styles to build reliable models without concern that one-time adjustments will distort projections. The cleanest figures allow traders peace of mind when comparing data to analyst expectations. Our analysts take the noise out of the market and publish only the most actionable 600 - 900 corporate news items per day; along with monitoring traditional outlets, the Benzinga Newsdesk speaks with hundreds of companies, market analysts and hedge fund managers daily to generate exclusive content. And with a coverage universe including the Wilshire 5000 (plus an additional 1,000 U.S. traded stocks), Benzinga Professional provides clients with real-time news and expert market analysis, covering everything from micro to macro-cap companies across all sectors.

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