EmployeeTrack Management

EmployeeTrackSM Management

Monitor your employee brokerage accounts from a single window.

Interactive Brokers’ EmployeeTrack provides a complimentary, fully electronic, simple and cost-effective solution for organizations such as exchanges, hedge funds, mutual funds, brokers, banks, and insurance companies, who are required to review their employees’ trading activity. EmployeeTrack Management provides a convenient single point of access for Compliance Officers to monitor their employees’ brokerage accounts.


Compliance Reporting

We offer a variety of reports for Compliance Officers whose employees have accounts with Interactive Brokers:

  • Employee Statements - View and download daily and monthly brokerage statements for employee accounts.
  • Search by Symbol - Generate statements of positions and/or activity for an employee account based on specific symbols.
  • Search by Volume – View a report that shows all employee accounts that have trading volume over a specified volume threshold.
  • Search by Performance – View a report that shows all employee accounts with performance greater than and/or less than a specified Net Asset Value (NAV) percentage.
  • Statement Views Audit – Monitor employee statement views for a single month.
Activity Statements
  • Generate daily, monthly and yearly statements for your employees’ IB accounts.
  • Set up automatic transmission of daily reports on all employee IB trading accounts directly to your legal or compliance department.
  • Create highly customized report templates for statements for your employees’ IB accounts.

Trade Confirmation Reports
  • Generate a report that shows real-time trade confirmations for your employees’ IB accounts, including executions from the start of the year up through the most recent trades.
  • Create highly customized report templates for trade confirmations for your employees' IB accounts.

User Access Rights

Our User Access Rights system lets you create multiple compliance officers to match the compliance functions in your organization.

Employee Management

  • View and take action on active accounts and pending and rejected account invitations.
  • Link employees with existing IB brokerage accounts, link employees who want to open new IB brokerage accounts, and create and upload a mass employee file to link to multiple employees at once.
  • Restrict employees from trading specific symbols.

EmployeeTrack Management Users’ Guide