IB TWS for Android Phone - Release Notes 2015 Archive

Build 8.2.768 - November 10, 2015

IB FYI Notifications Now on Mobile

IB FYI notifications are now available in IB TWS for mobile. This powerful system sends you custom push notifications based on your portfolio and trading activity, and is designed to keep you informed of upcoming events that could impact your account.

  • For time critical information, receive push notifications in real-time, as they happen.
  • Configure which FYI events you’d like be notified about directly in your mobile app (please note that if you log into read-only mode, you will be asked to enter your credentials before you can make any configuration changes).
  • Round red badge on IB TWS application icon shows the number of unread FYIs.

To disable a mobile device from receiving IB FYI notifications (e.g. in case the device is lost) log in to your desktop IB TWS and delete the device from FYI Delivery Options page.

Build 8.2.762 - October 29, 2015

Position P&L and Rebranded Mobile Application

This latest version includes a new Daily P&L field that shows per-position P&L for the current day’s new positions. To show total daily P&L which includes all open positions as well as positions you open today, go to Configuration and check New Position Daily P&L.

We have also rebranded mobileTWS to “IB TWS for Android.” The next time you update the app, your icon will reflect this new branding.

Build 8.2.755 - October 08, 2015

Greater Precision for Forex Trading

You can now elect to both see and trade on Forex quotes with higher precision, up to 1/10 of a price interest point (pip). To activate this feature, check "Allow Forex trading in 1/10 pips" in configuration.

Build 8.2.748 - August 14, 2015

Exchange Selector for Options

You can now select a specific exchange using the Exchange drop down selector when entering option and option combination orders using the Contract Selector or the Option Chain combo builder. In previous releases of mobileTWS, options and combos automatically used the SMART exchange.

Build 8.2.743 - June 26, 2015

Longer Login Password

Currently the login password for mobileTWS is limited to eight characters. This latest release of mobileTWS accepts longer passwords of unlimited length. Please note that you must upgrade to this latest version to be able to use a password longer than eight characters.

Build 8.2.733 - May 21, 2015

Read-Only Mode

Clients who user two-factor security authentication now have the option to log into mobileTWS in read-only mode to view data and account information. To use read-only mode, click the Enter Read Only button after entering your username and password, instead of entering the challenge code. When you want to submit or manage orders, you will be required to complete the two-factor authentication login process.

Build 8.2.711 - March 13, 2015

Preview Order and Check Margin Requirements

Unfold the Preview panel within the order window to review the order and check the margin requirements before you submit the order.

Build 8.1.700 - March 4, 2015

Better Menus, Popup Bulletins

Additionally, a new menu configuration has been implemented. The outdated "Menu" button has been replaced by the three-line icon in the top right corner, and the menu now slides in from the right. It also has a new look and feel and provides more intuitive navigation.

Also, system bulletins that used to require manual opening off a blinking icon have been reconfigured to open automatically to ensure no bulletins are overlooked.

Build 8.1.685 - February 17, 2015

Research Details

The Research Details feature gives you mobile access to basic company fundamentals data. Additionally, view independent analyst reports you are accustomed to seeing in your desktop application. To view, click the Research button from the Contract Details page. Note: Upgrade to premium fundamentals content with a subscription to Reuters Fundamentals. Independent Analyst Reports require per-provider subscription (choose from 10+ providers).

Build 8.0.664 - January 30, 2015

Realtime Chart Updates; Seamless Integration with New sDSA Digital Security App

Recent updates to mobileTWS include support for realtime data updates in charts. Additionally, customers with two-factor authentication via the IB security card can now use the new digital security app, sDSA, and dispense with their security card. Once the app is activated through Account Management, logging in is almost automatic. Once you enter your username and password, the sDSA app opens automatically and reads the TWS challenge code. You enter your PIN (same PIN you currently use to activate your security card) and generate the response, which is transferred automatically to the mobileTWS login screen. Login is then complete.