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BVME Stock and ETF Fees

Exchange Fee

Product Group Fee
ETFs EUR 1.10 per order

Product Group Fee
Closed End Funds and Investment Companies (MIV Market) EUR 0.60 per order

Product Group Fee
Order value 0 – 100,000 EUR 1 per order
Order value 100,000.01 – 200,000 EUR 2 per order
Order value 200,000.01 – 300,000 EUR 3 per order
Order value > 300,000.01 EUR 4 per order
Warrants & Structured Products
All Order Values EUR 2 per order

Clearing Fee

Product Group Fee
Stocks, ETFs and Funds EUR 0.265 per trade
Warrants & Structured Products EUR 1.50 per trade

Regulatory Fee

Product Group Fee
Regulatory EUR 0.00