IB Order Management System (OMS)

IB Order Management System (OMS)

IB's Order Management System makes it easy to submit, stage, manage and track client orders whether they are received electronically via FIX or over the phone. In addition, the IB OMS is fully integrated with Trader Workstation (TWS), our electronic trading platform, giving you complete access to our advanced trading tools, algos and order types, real-time price/risk analytics and more.

Order Management System OMS screen


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Click a version of IB OMS below to download and install our award-winning trading platform. Once the software is installed, log in by double-clicking the newly installed TWS icon on your desktop.

  • Single-Screen Multi-Tasking - A single Blotter screen provides separate panels to enter and receive tickets, route orders to your firm's desks, manage and submit client orders to an exchange, and view trade reports.
  • Order Status Updates at a Glance - The order status fields use color shading to show you the current status of your order at a glance. For precise detail, for each order you can see the Total Quantity of the original order, Quantity Routed, Quantity Filled, Quantity Left in the order, Quantity currently working and not working, the Average Price, and the total filled value.
  • Integrate with Other Services - FIX drop copies provided for Front, Middle, Back Office and third-party applications. Intra-day FIX drop copy and end-of-day file delivery to clearing brokers and third parties for give-ups. Overnight file import from clearing brokers for take-ups.
  • Transparent Solution for Compliance - Increasing regulations are requiring compliance officers to play a more prominent role on the trading desks. IB OMS helps compliance officers to oversee activity and ensure continued regulatory compliance with transparent trading and a comprehensive offering of audit reports for easy tracking.
  • Seamless Integration with Algos and Trading Tools - Manage client orders more effectively using our sophisticated algos and trading tools. The Blotter is seamlessly integrated with the Accumulate/Distribute algo, which helps minimize market impact for large orders; the ScaleTrader algo which helps insulate large-sized orders from increasingly deteriorating prices; the IB guaranteed VWAP algo, and more.
  • Easy Order Tracking using Filters and Keys - Track client orders from reception through execution using the Key field and Filters panel. The order Key uniquely identifies each order using a color/number combination, while the Filters panel allows you to filter out all orders but the one(s) you are interested in viewing, based on client, symbol, action or key.
  • Post Trade Allocation via our Online Interface - Our intuitive web-based Post Trade Allocation tool lets you allocate to IB-cleared accounts as well as to cleared away brokers and accounts and provides customizable templates for allocation of block trades to sub accounts by user-definable percentages.

Do more with IB Blotter Desk Routes

IB OMS supports custom-designed routing between multiple desks within your firm. For example, set up a Sales desk to receive and enter client tickets, and Trading desks to receive and manage orders. This type of configuration allows you to implement the most efficient task-oriented workflow. Desk routes provide redundancy by allowing multiple traders and workgroups to interact with the same tickets and orders, and can be customized to fit your needs regardless of the size of your trading operation.

Desk routes allows you to route tickets to multiple trading desks or to a single trader, depending on your needs.
desk routes

Traders can accept or reject a single or multiple tickets with a single click.
desk routes