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Accumulate/Distribute Algo

Accumulate Distribute Algo

By slicing your large order into smaller, non-uniform increments and releasing them at random intervals over time, the Accumulate/Distribute algo can help to achieve the best price for your large volume orders without being noticed in the market. In addition, the comprehensive interface allows a single trader to easily and effectively manage multiple large volume orders simultaneously.

  • Use the Relative order type to add liquidity, and take advantage of available exchange rebates.
  • Randomize submission time and order size to ensure your order is not noticed in the market.
  • Customize the algo conditions to define any level of complexity, from a straight-forward strategy to a multi-layered algorithm that randomizes price and timing and reacts to market movement and trends.
  • Specify variable term chart formations (by straight or exponential moving average values) either on the subject security, commodity, ETF or Forex and/or a reference item, based on which to enter or temporarily exit the market.

  • Multiple tabs with an aggregated order Summary page provide an efficient and simple-to-use interface that lets you create, manage and monitor groups of large-volume algo orders simultaneously.
  • Quick-glance summary data shows real-time order progress.
  • Seamless integration with TWS allows quick access to other trading and analytics tools, including ScaleTrader, the Integrated Stock Window and realtime charts.
  • Supports multiple asset classes including stocks, options, futures and forex and combinations.

Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. For information on the uses and risks of options, you can obtain a copy of the Options Clearing Corporation risk disclosure document titled Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options by clicking here.