TWS Release Notes 10.17

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Orders, TIFs use Instrument Time Zone

To ensure accuracy and consistency, all product-related actions in TWS, including orders and algos with start/end time, will now use the time zone of the instrument's exchange instead of the user's time zone. A new icon and mouse-over explanation will display in areas where the instrument time zone is used.

Instrument Time Zone

Certain "operator-specific" information, for example for Advisors, when an order is received from a client, will still be shown in the operator's time zone.

Funds Data Points Now Support ETFs

The existing 150+ data points in the Funds categories of window columns now populate ETF data lines as well as Mutual Funds. To add these data points to a window or tool (Watchlist, Portfolio etc) hold your mouse over an existing field, select Insert Column from the pop-up command, then scroll to the Funds categories. Use the > to expand a category and select a field.

TWS Data Points for EFTs and MFs