API Stable Build - Release Notes

10.19 - Bond Issuer Enhancements

  • Added new fields to SymbolSamples response and ReqContractDetails request.

10.18 - Support of Instrument Timezone, Display HMDS market data in shares

  • It is now possible to send date/time values in different formats: UTC format, instrument's exchange timezone and operator's timezone
  • Now historical data ticks are delivered in shares.

10.15 - MOC & MOCT Fields, new IBKRATS Order Attributes, WSH Event Filters, IPO Prices Generic Ticks

  • Support of MOT (Manual Order Time) and MOCT (Manual Order Cancel Time) fields in placeOrder/cancelOrder requests
  • Support of new offset attributes for IBKRATS Pegged-to-Best and Pegged-to-Midpoint (PEGBEST, PEGMID) orders.
  • Support for Wall Street Horizon (WSH) event data filters
  • New IPO prices generic ticks

10.14 - Advanced Order Reject, User Info

  • Support for Advanced Order Reject
  • Support for User Info

10.12 - Historical Schedules

  • Added support for historicalSchedule

10.11 - Size Rules

  • Added size rules for contractDetails and bondContractDetails

10.10 - Crypto support, WSH Calendar support, market data in shares, added attributes

  • Added support for trading cryptocurrencies
  • Support WSH meta and calendar events in API Clients.
  • Added market data in shares support for bid, ask, and last size.
  • Added PostToAts order attribute to support Reroute to SMART for IBKR ATS orders. See: https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/index.php?f=4485
  • Added AutoCancelParent attribute to placeOrder/openOrder.
  • Duration order attribute support for GTD orders.
  • Desupport of ETradeOnly, FirmQuoteOnly and NbboPriceCap order attributes.