Market Data Prior Approval Processing

The following exchanges have a required "prior approval" system; receipt of these services is contingent upon exchange approval. Service agreements are between the exchange and the customer where Interactive Brokers acts solely as a data vendor.

For the exchanges that follow the customer will be billed directly by the exchange on a monthly basis instead of having these charges deducted from an IB account.

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE - AMEX)

The professional NYSE Level I subscription has a monthly cost of $50.00 with a volume price break after the first device. The professional AMEX subscription, which is now part of the NYSE, has a monthly cost of $24.00. In order to receive exchange approval you will need to complete the Professional Market Data Agreement and fax it to Interactive Brokers at 203-618-5934 or via email at Please note that the subscriber name on this form must be the same as your IB account title in order to receive approval.

Only identical account titles may be combined for a group discount.

If you already have an existing NYSE account please reference this on your exchange agreement as well as in the subscription process through Account Management where prompted.

You can download any of the professional agreements above on our website under Products & Services > Forms and Disclosures > Agreements > Market Data. ll available market data subscriptions can be viewed on our website under Costs > Research, News and Market Data Fees.

Any questions relating to exchange prior approval should be directed to